Little Mermaid tights

Hot Topic seems to have borrowed a trick from Australian pop-culture leggings favorite Black Milk with a line of Disney-licensed Little Mermaid full-print tights. Hot Topic's version costs about 75 percent less than the Black Milk stuff (and no shipping or duty for US buyers) -- though I have no idea whether they're comparable in terms of wear, fit, or the labor conditions in their manufacture (Black Milk makes its wares in Australia; Hot Topic doesn't say where its stuff is made on the site, which almost certainly means Pacific Rim/subcontinental sweatshop).

Ariel leggings

Ursula leggings

(via The Mary Sue)


      1. In the words of Delores Del Lago, the toast of Chicago:
        The question before us
        Is where’s her clitoris.

  1. These kind of leggings are all over the place now. I have a bunch of cheap ones from karmaloop and plndr for dance class (not a plug, that’s just where I happened to get mine).

    FWIW I like my BlackMilk bodysuit the best though. And no, the the cheap ones are NOT as well made.

      1. Thin material, yeah feels like it might fall apart after a few wears somehow. They actually *look* fine. But I feel like I’ll shred them. The Black Milk ones are actually pretty thick and sturdy.

  2. I am struck by the cruelty of this gesture.  The Little Mermaid only wanted to have legs.  So we put her likeness on…  legwear.  Which is impossible for her to wear. 

    Nice job, racists.  What’s next, a Wicked Witch of the West swimsuit?

  3. Also FWIW, Blackmilk has been nothing but a disappointment to me. Predicting the fit was tricky, costly to exchange, and the quality control was abysmal. For leggings that expensive, Blackmilk really shouldn’t have let a messed up waistband out the door.
     Glitterbritches FTW!

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