"Homeless city" in tunnels beneath Kansas City

Police leveling a homeless campsite outside of Kansas City discovered a "hidden community" of transients living in an elaborate series of tunnels, reports KMBC.


  1. What’s that slogan? “We’re living in the future”? I didn’t realize the future was going to be straight out of Mad Max.

  2. When I first saw the image I wasn’t wearing my glasses and thought, “Wow. That’s a pretty extreme innie belly button.”

    1. Glad I wasn’ t the only one!  I thought I was rick-rolled into watching goatsie-style  images by BB!

    1.  Hahahaha! Some people are so desperate for shelter they are willing to resort to underground tunnels, just like animals! So they are then subhuman! Hahaha!

  3. Sad that there’s no need to indicate *why* the police broke up the camp – what crime the residents were thought to be committing, that required nothing less than the destruction of their homes and confiscation of their limited property.  “Because they’re homeless” is all the justification we need to stymie any efforts they make to house themselves.

          1. Good, because criminalization of the poor is hardly confined to the states coastal dwellers deride.

    1. The television news showed piles of scrap metal the homeless had been stealing from the nearby grain elevator.  Copper thieves.  No sympathy for hobos who steal here.

    1. It’s only okay to be homeless once a month when the local church runs an overnight shelter, allowing comparatively wealthy people to beef up their self image by volunteering a few hours of their time.

      The other 29 days? Homeless need to be completely invisible and chased out of town.

      1. Yeahhh….if only it was that easy.  I don’t know why your shelters are only open one night a week, but in the Bay Area, we have 24/7 shelters.  Only problem?  You can’t be high or doing drugs in the shelter.  MOST homeless people prefer the streets.  My neighborhood got together and tried to relocate a under freeway/ natural stream area full of homeless people (along with needles, and booze bottles) to a shelter.  They didn’t want to go.  

          1. Assuming this is the same place that is near my house (in Mission Bay), I would be willing to stop thinking the homeless encampment should move on if they would agree to stop yelling all hours of the night, screaming at my wife “Go Fuck Yourself” for no apparent reason and threatening to kill her (more than 1x here when she was out walking my dog), telling me to “Get the Fuck Off My Sidewalk”, and shitting in the street and on the sidewalk.

            I’m sorry, but if you want to be part of a civilization by living in a city, you are free to live in a tent, but you have to act civilized.  (And before you give me some preprogrammed response, yes I would be willing to have my taxes redirected to drug and mental illness treatment programs, but no I am not willing to just put up with people who reject or avoid treatment living in the streets of any place that I live.)


          2. Pre-programmed response?

            Here’s one, it’s in your post.

            BTW, Joe Citizen trying to relocate people generally works out badly for all involved. That was my point.

            Get a grip, count your blessings, and stop complaining/being a wuss, call the cops or get a bat if someone threatens your wife.

    1. What are we supposed to take away from that?  Is that a high crime rate, or low?  Are all of those crimes caused by homeless people?  Some?  None?

  4. “What the poor and homeless need to do is to be more self-reliant and boot-strappy.”

    “Well these homeless were taking care of themselves and showed some pretty good initiative in building themselves some shelter.”

    “No, not the right kind of boot-strappy. What we mean is that they need to hang themselves from some boot straps. By the way, did you hear some black people went to Cuba? Lets talk about that.”

  5. I’m sure they just wish the homeless would go away. You know…just die already. It’s so unsightly.

  6. Where’s the “report?”  Also, I don’t see an “elaborate series” of tunnels — just one.

  7. Heh, would be interesting to see how they deal with the tunnels.  Not as much fun just hunting in the dark for people and filling up holes as it is to go trashing tents and shanties now is it? 

  8. I forgot to mention the irony of calling a bare underground tunnel a “suburb” – the gall of these homeless people to dare make a free “suburb” for themselves.

    1. Maybe the headline writer thought s/he was being clever, as if this tunnel wasn’t just a small community outside the city, but physically below it as well.

  9. 2 things: I’m pretty sure no homeless people were arrested, just moved to shelters (which they will most likely leave soon after); and one likely reason that police moved them out and “broke up” the camp because they are searching for a 6 year old who was taken from her father’s home on the northeast side of the city. The woman who took the child is a friend of the child’s mother, and is homeless.  http://www.pitch.com/plog/archives/2013/04/08/suspected-kidnapper-of-lili-justine-high-found-5-year-old-still-missing

  10. The homeless encampment by where I work has piles of rubbish, people panhandling passersby, passing around bottles, and the occasional person having a ragefit.  Every so often, social workers try to get them into shelters, but within a couple of weeks, we see the same faces out on the sidewalk again.  The homeless who would most benefit from some type of treatment program are the ones least likely to use one, and also most likely to go ballistic on random people. 

    1. Thanks, Reagan!*

      *Really can’t pin this one on Obama.  Reagan’s policies decimated the mental healthcare network.

      1. Gutted or destroyed is more accurate description.  Decimate means he only shaved it by 10%

    2.  My FRIENDS occasionally pass round bottles and have ragefits. We don’t panhandle & we clear up, but there you go. People do stuff.

  11. BoingBoing Image caption:

    “Christ, what an asshole”

    C’mon, you know you were thinking it.

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