The New People: 1969 TV drama à la Lost and Lord of the Flies

The New People was a 1969 TV series about a group of college students whose plane crashed on a small island. The accompanying adults perished, leaving only the young people. Fortuitously, the deserted island had been the planned location for a nuclear test, so the government had left buildings and supplies behind. For the stranded students, this is the start of "Year One" and an opportunity to create a new kind of society. Rod Serling wrote the pilot for the show that was a cross between Lord of the Flies, Lost, and a JG Ballard story dosed with 150ug of 1960s counterculture.


  1. I remember that it was also an attempt by the network to develop a 45-minute format for shows.  It was paired with another 45-minute show (whose title I don’t recall) that was an American Bandstand top-hits music show.  The music show might have fared better if the top hit hadn’t been The Archies “Sugar, Sugar” for week after week after week….  Both shows, as I recall, only lasted half a season.

    1. The name of the other show was The Music Scene
      Here is Janis Joplin on that show

      And here is B.B. King

      And the incomparable Little Richard

  2. You know, it’s a great, almost sci-fi premise, I can see how this got greenlit. But I am at a loss as to who, back then, was going to write it. Heck, if you updated it to modern times and made it Occupiers and/or Black Bloc anti-globalists, I’m at a loss as to who would write it NOW. You’d need someone knowledegable enough about those movements to write plausible dialog, but not so sucked into the movement that they’d write blatantly unrealistic pseudo-utopia stories. At a time when virtually everybody writing for Hollywood was a member of the GI Generation that these characters were explicitly railing against, writing decades after the HUAC purges, there was never a chance this was going to work. But I can see why somebody thought it would.

    1.  Wasn’t Harlan Ellison writing stuff for TV back then? He might have turned in some fun scripts, if given the chance.

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