Guatemala: photos from the Rios Montt genocide tribunal


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  1. Aaron Silva Dorame says:

    dont miss… this crime was CIA supported, America: dont let this happen again… keep your dogs on a leash..!–it was worth it?…I mean…what was CIA’s, strategic gain out of 7 yrs. olds raping and murderings?

    • stillcantfightthedite says:

      Keeping the Soviets, or Soviet-influence, out of Guatemala? That’s not to say that they didn’t have other motivations, or that this was their actual prime motivation instead of a superficial one, or that it didn’t have longer term effect on U.S. power that was worse than a stronger Soviet presence at an earlier time.  But if the CIA’s actions did in fact keep out Soviet-influence, and prevented another “Cuba” from existing within the Americas, then they probably feel it was worth it. 

      • Ian Brewer says:

        Cuba is pretty benign compared to the right-wing puppet regimes the US supported throughout Latin America. As well, just look at Honduras since the coup there, it’s the actual murder capital of Latin America, not Venezuela as we are misleadingly told by our corporate media. There’s a popular joke in Latin America: Why doesn’t the US have any coups? Because there’s no US embassy there.

        • stillcantfightthedite says:

          I was thinking more in the terms of the Cuban missile crisis.  However, this is not the area of my expertise, so perhaps there were deeper concerns with other more subtle threats to be concerned with.

          • fakefighter says:

             Ugh. “Threats.” Even when, by your own admission, you don’t know what happened, you assume benign intention. Because the US, somehow, must have had a good reason to act: there must have been a threat, and their decisions were not in any way shaped by paternalism, economic interests, or racism. From someone who actually has studied this extensively: stop assuming good faith.

      • headcode says:

         No.  The reason the CIA was so interested in Central America was that they could use it as a live laboratory for their techniques.  The CIA funded and taught sociopaths how to torture and terrorize.

      • fakefighter says:

        You’re incredibly, deeply naïve, probably because you can afford to be. Do you think the United States supports Israel because of the Holocaust, too? US intervention in Latin America predates the Cold War by many years – and it’s always been connected to business interests. Interestingly, the US always found a way for “the Soviets” to be somehow to blame for whenever anyone meddled with American economic interests in the region.

        Even if you accepted the CIA’s reasoning – why would you even use that as a justification? The results are there. Unless you believe the CIA’s values are inherently more valuable than Latin American societies, there’s nothing defensible about their actions.

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