Loungy, alt-country version of The Sisters of Mercy's "This Corrosion"


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  1. Ladyfingers says:

    I was prepared to hate this, but it’s genuinely well done and the little swashes of reverbed electric guitar really elevate it.

  2. HarveyBoing says:


    Though I admit, I still like the original better. But it had such an impact on me when it came out, maybe it’s not a fair comparison. You can only hear the song for the first time once, whatever the style in which it’s not.

    There are countless covers of countless songs, some wonderful, some not. But a couple that come to mind at the moment are Mumford and Sons’ cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Boxer”, and The Gipsy Kings’ cover of The Eagles “Hotel California”.

    The former I put in the same category as this cover: it’s good, and it brings something brand new to the song. But it doesn’t surpass the original.

    On the other hand, when I heard the Gipsy Kings play “Hotel California”, the thought foremost in my mind was “wow…this is how the song always should’ve been played!”

    YMMV. :)

    In any case, it’s always so interesting to hear someone else’s take on a song. Even if it doesn’t work, it can enlighten. And when it does, wow…look out!

    • Gloo says:

      “…when I heard the Gipsy Kings play “Hotel California”, the thought foremost in my mind was “wow…this is how the song always should’ve been played!”…”.

      Sorry if that hurts your feelings but reading such statement makes me sad. To give you an idea of how I feel about it, I’d say that when I hear them playing this very song, it feels like a parody to me. A well interpreted parody but a joke nonetheless.

      • HarveyBoing says:

        Doesn’t hurt my feelings, though I think it’s unfortunate that the best understanding you can come to is to consider their version “a joke”, rather than a serious effort by skilled musicians to provide their own point of view.

        It’s like reading a comment here that you don’t understand and deciding that it must be a joke, rather than a serious effort to communicate something to you. I understand that viewing it as a joke makes it simpler to dismiss and disregard the communication. But I’m not sure it’s really the right way to approach life and to appreciate the expressions of others.

        It’s okay to sometimes just admit “I don’t really get it”. You can do that without insulting the person (or musical group) by describing their expression as “a joke”.

        As I mentioned in my original comment, “YMMV”. I.e. we all have very personal and individual reactions to music. It’s one of the reasons all these different covers are so great. Sometimes the original performance of a song, while just what some people really want or need to hear, just doesn’t connect with someone else.

        When a different artist reinterprets the piece, it opens the underlying songwriting up to a broader audience, allowing some people to appreciate the song in a way that wasn’t possible with the original.

        I’ve always liked the original version of “Hotel California”, but for me personally, hearing the Gipsy Kings’ version made the song more accessible. Ironically, in spite of the increased tempo and energy, I find for me that their version carries more emotional weight of melancholy and is truer to the lyrics.

        For others, the original Eagles version will always be the best version of the song. And that’s just fine too.

        If we all reacted identically to every sensory experience, the world would be pretty boring.

    • princessalex says:

       Wow.  I listened to the Gipsy Kings’ version, and it is AWESOME!  I agree that it feels like that is the way it was meant to be played.  Thanks for sharing!

  3. Philboyd Studge says:

    I’m concerned about that final scene with the hitch-hiker. The follow-up Sisters video – Lucretia My Reflection ends with a body in a trunk.

  4. That_Anonymous_Coward says:

    And to think once upon a time you could tell when the DJ needed to hit the can because the long version would play.

    • IronEdithKidd says:

      Guilty.  Although, if you had to go for…ahem…a while, ” Bloody Kisses (A Death in the Family)” by Type O Negative was a savior. 

    • Eric Dobratz says:

       Or the “american pie” of the goth world; Bauhaus’ long version of “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”…

  5. Steve Taylor says:

    Nice stuff – and more than just a novelty cover version. Not that I have anything against songs which *are* novelty cover versions.

  6. fractos says:

    Well that was an absolute pleasure :) Floodland is still one of my most favourite albums.

  7. TrollyMcTrollington says:

    I want more.

  8. Steven Smith says:

    Where can I buy this track? My guess: nowhere.

    • David Pescovitz says:

      It was apparently included as a bonus track on some versions of Lambchop’s “Is A Woman” (2002) release.

    • antabaka says:

      EDIT: I was about to post amazon.com, but apparently (for some weird reason) it is NOT available on amazon.com – while it is available at amazon.de

  9. mindysan33 says:

    I like it!  Nice version of this song.

  10. I prefer 
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNUrJBvKf_I but that may just be my love of metal and bagpipes rearing it’s ugly head.

  11. Donald Petersen says:

    I’d never listened to the Sisters of Mercy before very recently; they weren’t my style then and they aren’t now.  But it seems Andrew Eldritch has the Dylanesque quality of writing songs that I love when other people cover them.  This song is one example. Another would be Rhino Bucket’s version of “Vision Thing.”  At first I didn’t realize it was a cover, and just thought it was the greatest Rhino Bucket song ever, though I did think it was kinda weird they were singing about George H.W. Bush’s presidency twenty years after the fact.

    Anyway, it’s a hell of a song.  And I don’t mind the absence of Doktor Avalanche one bit.


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