Man of Steel trailer #3

NewImageNew Man of Steel trailer with scenes of Krypton, Jor-El, Lara, Pa, young Clark, bearded Clark, shirtless Clark, supervillains, Lois, Superman, and the icy Fortress of Solitude which this time, I hope, can only be unlocked with an enormous key disguised as an airplane flight path marker -- as it was written. In theaters June 14.


    1. I wonder, did you think the same about “Batman Begins”? 

      The thing is, most Superman stories – probably most superhero stories – that are great are self-referential. 

      “Batman: The Dark Night Returns”, “Superman: For The Man Who Has Everything”, “All Star Superman”, “Wolverine”, “Supreme” and “Astro City” and so on did not only excel because they had excellent writers but because they made use of he decades of source material. Many of which comes from rather mediocre stories, which nonetheless introduced that one idea that kept going. 

      To fully appreciate and get these stories, a reader has to know his history. 

      That is the bane of the superhero industry, because new readers need to be brought up on this stuff again and again and again..

      But it works less well for movies – you have 2 to 3 hours to tell your story and that’s it.  That’s not enough time to to have an original story, an established character from which the viewers expect certain things and to establish a history.  See, for example, the Green Lantern movie.  It suffered – and yes, there were other issues, too – from this, by having to  spend too much time on explanation on WTF was going on. Technically, it was an origin story, but they tried cramming too much established history into it, given that the protagonist was a 2nd tier superhero in terms of common knowledge. They did it better in Thor – but even THAT was an origin movie. Only in Avengers they could afford to fall back on “Hey, you know these guys and their history, now let us expand on this.”

      It’s not really limited to Superhero stories, by the way, but even to classic pulps, mysteries and high literature.  The public at large goes for the 200th re-enactment of “Romeo and Juliet” (those are often even identical even in text)  than “Romeo and Juliet are having three kids and Juliet’s looking at Othello because Romeo didn’t touch her in six months” or the nth version of “Robin Hood”.   Even though it’s perfectly possible to write new, interesting stories about these characters, like “Robin and Marian”. But those are exceptions –  especially income-wise – and no one going to risk 100 millions on this.  At least not more than once. 

      Personally, the only superhero story I can imaging getting  the full treatment is “The Dark Knight Returns”, because its background is fully compatible with what the general public knows abut Batman.

      That said, there are pretty good adaptations  of those stories, but they are being done with a lower budget as animated movies.


    1.  One great worry about my future is that, when my kids leave for college and start their own families, I won’t have anyone to see superhero movies with. My wife sure doesn’t like them…

      1. My wife doesn’t like most sci-fi type movies…but it’s okay cause she doesn’t like sitting close to the screen either.  I just go by myself.

          1. @Antinous_Moderator:disqus

            Oh you know life.
            The wife is finishing her degree.
            I just got a new job.
            There are rooms that are missing walls in our house.
            We get the occasional bat flying around inside.
            The wife says we can’t raise kids in conditions like these…I roll my eyes.

            You know the usual issues.

          2. I’m pretty sure that Loretta Lynn didn’t have interior walls, and bats were just an extra food source.

    2.  I could never figure out why my dad never seemed to grow out of dumb cowboy and western pictures.  Now I guess I know.  Same thing, just y-fronts instead of stetsons.  And less brothel scenes.

    1. If you follow the real estate precept of “location, location, location” the Fortress of Solitude is easier to glom — vast uninhabited wastes far away from human populations, providing some relief from super-sensory overload and endless requests for help/interviews/super-groupie-sex/etc. Also a place to keep his secrets…well, secret. And, with no internet, it’s a great asset in the battle against losing half the day by thinking, “I’ll just check out  Reddit for 10 minutes…”

    2. Actually, man-child cave, because it’s the secret club house boys used to have when they were still allowed to roam the woods.

      That said, they made a pretty good excuse for it by having Superman store stuff in it and do experiments that should be removed from habitable areas.

      Though he could as well build it on the Moon or Vernus, of course. But the later works only for the super-super-powered Superman, not the often depowered one.

    1. No, no…you’re looking for “The Two Towers.”  Just down the corridor, fourth door on the left.

  1. It’s nice to see Lois have a bit of a spine in this trailer, I was kind of worried about that after the last two.

    1. I have a longstanding complaint that Kate Bosworth was the biggest reason Superman Returns was a turkey. Routh was good. Spacey, also good. But she was weaksauce.

      Last two–did you not like Margot Kidder either? I always thought she was the ideal L.L.

  2. As much as I hate Zack Snyder the scene with Superman flying was a FUCK YEA moment for me. 
    I am cautiously psyched.

  3. i’ve been trying to resist, but as this gets closer, i have to admit that i’m really getting into it. welcome back (again), superman.

  4. Oh cripes. I have never, ever been a fan of any form of Superman (movies, cartoons, comics, tv). I’ll admit that I only watched this to further reenforce my personal belief that Superman is annoying. But dang it, this looks really good. Curse you! Your fancy movie is not going to trick me into buying reissues of Superman comics. I will resist your charms.

    1. Wait I thought that was the last Superman…the one that they had to umm digitally minimize his package.

      1. To whom were they pandering with that? Even straight young men are obsessed with big dicks.

  5. You know, when I was a kid, Superman was kind of lame. Hulk, Iron Man, and Ghost Rider were cool.

    Now, according to the fan-base, it’s the complete opposite…except maybe Iron Man (and Joss Whedon’s Hulk).

    Of course, I’ll always believe in Ang Lee’s Hulk, no matter what people think of me.

    1. I will take my son to this and he will probably say it is lame in comparison to The Avengers. But I dragged him along to see Get Smart and he hated that too.

    2. “Of course, I’ll always believe in Ang Lee’s Hulk, no matter what people think of me.”

      I have a green soft spot for Ang’s Hulk too.

  6. I have been thinking Superman could use a good retelling actually.  When people ask which super power people want.  No one ever really says superman.  Really his powers seem really terrible to live with.  Basically the entire world would be made out of tin foil, If you ever love someone they will age quicker than you.  Whenever you get angry if so much as turn a door nob in anger you would crush it.   Hugs, sex, any sort of excitement is a danger to crushing those around you. 

    It was all the motivation problem with Zod.  Why the hell does he want to rule earth.  I can understand his hatred for superman, but if you can fly through space and crush everything, what sort of commands do you give?

    Also, how does superman shave his beard.  I just assumed he was naturally hairless before this movie.

      1. A mirror made from a fragment of the Kryptonian rocket that originally brought him to Earth.

        Of course, there was a great comic book where a young child deduces that Clark Kent is Superman by looking in Clark’s medicine cabinet and seeing that it was empty. The child opines, “You don’t grow a beard because you’re super!”

      1.  i guess he could do that really fast, but he would need to order his titanium tweezers in bulk.   That has to be a suspicious as ordering parts for your bat-mobile.

  7. I’m not a fan of superman (Kevin Spacey was, as far as I am concerned, the only redeeming feature of Superman Returns), but I am cautiously optimistic about this.

    1.  That’s what I am saying.  He should be.  He is an alien in a world of paper mache people.

        1. Yeah and to extend the Larry Niven theme, Superman is looking more and more like a Pak Protector. The baby at the start of the movie looks precisely human. I will be interested to see if the movie fleshes this theme out. Will they suggest that humans are devolved or developmentally challenged Krypton people?

    2. Frankly he could be.  I don’t like that most Superman movies start from the beginning…it’s been done, lets move on. 

      If I was writing a Superman movie I don’t think I’d stick to any particular story or comic.  What I want to see is Superman from the future (well our future) so he is old(ish), bitter, and realistic.  One who has fought the battles and lost people he cared about, the one who is more human than he ever was in any of the current versions.  Something of a story of how he moves from the pure nature he has a young man to the more tortured soul of his older self.

    3. Well, that depends upon what interests you.

      What interests me most about Superman[1] is that he could use his powers for any selfish end, but instead he devotes them to the preservation of his adopted planet.  Why? How well does his moral code stand up when the writer challenges it?  

      When the writer is interested in what makes Superman a hero, and poses questions
      like how Superman can help humanity without making all their decisions for them (Kaleldicy?), then something wonderful can happen.  If the writer is just interested in Superman punching a succession of very big things , not so much. 

      [1] The movie versions, anyway; comic Superman’s dickery has been extensively chronicled:

  8. I’ve spent the last few months since the first trailer came out, silently praying to his Noodly Eminence: “Please, FSM…PLEASE let ‘Man of Steel’ not suck.”

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