Volcano Dust - made from ghost chili peppers

Volcano Dust is a brand of powdered bhut jolokia chili peppers. Also known as ghost chills, bhut jolokias are mind-bendingly hot. For example, an average jalapeño pepper measures about 5,000 on the Scoville heat scale; a bhut jolokia measures 1,000,000 Scovilles.

The manufacturer of Volcano Dust sent me a box of samples, and I carefully tried them out. They are certainly the hottest powdered chili peppers I've ever tasted, but I like them. A slight dusting of the Hot Italian Blend on my easy-over eggs or chicken soup turns them into an exciting culinary experience. Here's to blown-out capsaicin receptors!

(I gave Cory a jar of the pure powdered bhut jolokia when he came to visit a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully he'll share his thoughts on it.)

Volcano Dust


  1. I love spicy food, but I’ve never really understood the value of flavoring (“Hot Italian Blend”) in really, really hot powders and hot sauces. If three drops sets a bowl of chili on fire, I’m never going to use enough to taste any of the other flavors–and if I did, I wouldn’t be able to taste them through the burning anyway.

    1.  The secret is that those of us who eat the really hot stuff are typically simply less effected by capsaicin than the average joe. Sense of taste works just fine though.

    2. Before I started eating Habanero level foods I would have agreed with you. Once a person crosses that threshold they can taste the accompanying flavors and seek the heat. Thanks for the comment. I also have some milder products such as my Spicy Chili Powder that just has a little kick and great flavors.

    1. Exactly, April 1.  However, Comments for this page are closed, and sometimes one longs to continue a hot conversation, if you know what I mean…

      1.  So that means . . . what? They stirred in some basil and marjoram that you can’t possibly taste? It’s rather like the MASH recipe for a dry martini — 3 parts gin and one part looking at a picture of Antonio Carpano, the inventor of vermouth.

        1. No I didn’t just stir in some Marjoram and Basil, I also stirred in some Garlic, Onion and Oregeno, Ghost Pepper Flakes and Trinidad 7-Pot Powder. And yes I can taste it, it adds great flavor and an awesome burn. If you don’t seek the burn it is not really designed for you. Thanks for the comment, Tim

        1. actually I think he meant Weapon of Mass Diarrhea , but I suppose it depends on how spicy things get on the other end.

    1.  One of the best Simpsons ever. I love the Castenada- spouting coyote with the voice of Johnny Cash.

  2. Our products are not not necessarily for everyone, especially people that think tabasco is too spicy, but there are a segment of us that enjoy the very hot and that is who we make Volcano Dust products for.  Thanks for trying them Mark.

  3. That seems like a large container for something that you only use a “dusting” of at a time. Do chili peppers not degrade over time like other spices?

    1. Good point, the chili peppers will probably stay potent for a year or so but I could see the spices and herbs degrading if it isn’t used up. I will see about making a smaller version as an option.

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