Kickstarting Keybiner: a multitool caribiner that also holds your keys

It's a bottle opener, multidriver, wrench-set, and comes in brass, stainless, blackened or anodized aluminum, and it holds up to 14 keys, as well as a USB stick.

The kickstarter is fully funded, and options for keybiners start at $35, all the way up to $81 (titanium materials and a 32GB USB key). The design firm behind it has made a bunch of apparently real gun-stuff, making it seem likely that your crowdfunding money won't just vanish, but, you know, caveat emptor.

The KeyBiner is a more refined version of a time tested tool many have used to carry their essentials every day. The biggest change was the addition of a unique key retention system, that allows you to keep your keys neatly organized and quiet. We have also added several tools to aid you in your daily chores. The KeyBiner has no sharp edges to cut you or damage your clothing.

KeyBiner – The Carabiner Refined

(via Oh Gizmo)