Nevada bans counties from gouging Burning Man

M Otis Beard sez, "The Nevada State Assembly has passed a bill that forbids the counties from charging permit fees to Burning Man and other festivals. . . but has anything really changed?"


  1. Worst case scenario, burning man goes somewhere else. Which would suit me fine, especially if it ended up in a nice temperate meadow instead of a blisteringly hot desert in the summer. The current location basically ensures that I’ll never be present… I’d be dead within a day.

    1. Without the intense environment, it would become overrun by people who are not willing to literally sit through hell(ish temperatures) for the experience. It’s no big deal for us Southerners, since a proper Southern summer is much worse than the playa, but then again even most of us don’t camp in the high summer.

      Except for us burners, who have Transformus at the height of the heat.

      Temperature and environmental extremes are part of what makes the best burns, and tends to keep out the Burning Fans.

    2. The local burning man event near where I live is in a much more pleasant, wooded environment. There’s less planning and money and travel and hassle, and it’s still a lot of fun. Not quite as much fun as Black Rock City, but a good return on investment still. If a more hospitable environment is what it takes to get you there, check out a local burn. No one really cares if you’re a ‘playa virgin’.

      1. Absolutely. There are some completely amazing local events that veteran burners almost prefer. BM now has ~50K participants. Humorously can find grumbly posts of veteran burners complaining when the event broke 10K voicing concerns of loss of community, etc.
        Vancouver used to have a utterly amazing free event on government soil that was discontinued at the request of park rangers. Now it’s a good paid event that I’m considering attending instead of the actual burn.

    3. If by “blisteringly hot” you mean “around 90 degrees in the day” then yes, you should probably avoid it.

      1. Almost sweater weather for many of us in the deserts of the Southwestern US. People from the humidity belt don’t realize that 100° in the desert is more comfortable than 80° in New York or Chicago.

  2.  You know perfectly well that it gets upwards of 175 in the day, and absolute zero at night. And don’t even get me started on the playa weasels. (deadly poisonous)

  3. The bill has only passed in the Assembly. As in most states, it also must pass in the Senate and not be vetoed by the governor before the ban can be in effect.

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