Neatly disassembled typewriter

On the spectacular "Things Organized Neatly" Tumblr, an anonymous submission of a very neatly disassembled typewriter.

SUBMISSION: This is an old typewriter I had the pleasure to dismantle today :) hope you like it!


  1. Every time these pop up, I can’t NOT focus on the subtle (and sometimes not) alignment errors.

    1. This one’s especially aggravating, because the left half of the typebar linkages are spread out, while the right half are bunched together. Grrrr!

  2. I tried that trick with an old copier that I dismantled just to see what it would be like to actually recycle office machines these days.  The results were only barely knolled, and the parts count was astoundingly high.

  3. Nice knowing that people are still doing this…I’ve recovered a rusty Underwood from the collection of one of the Firesign Theatre guys, and may need to go all Derrida on its ass.

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