Download a dinosaur (or 17)


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  1. NelC says:

    The .obj files should be readable by most 3D applications. Just seeing If I can load them into Poser….

    Edit: Looks like some assembly is required, and scaling, and surface detailing….

  2. naam says:

    Fair warning: these aren’t really dinosaur “bodies”, more like segmented blobs describing how they calculated their mass distribution may have panned out. Interesting from a scientific perspective, but by no means something you may want to rig, animate, render or print.

    See the videos in the paper for an idea how the models look.

  3. jpgsawyer says:

    I know that the University of Bristol has been creating models of dinosaur bones to try to understand more about how the animals behave by determining things like biting force. It was interesting stuff. 

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