Rumored Statue of Liberty face-recognition supplier harasses and threatens journalist


23 Responses to “Rumored Statue of Liberty face-recognition supplier harasses and threatens journalist”

  1. anon0mouse says:

    Why the hell do we need Statue of Liberty face-recognition? Everybody already knows what it looks like.

  2. CCinBmore says:

    Oh… Me thinks that Total Recall (no, not eerie at all) and/or Cognitec were under some sort of order or non-disclosure agreement regarding the use of facial recognition technology at the Statue. I’ll speculate even further and say that their counsel was listening into the call and quietly shat bricks when it was mentioned. He/she then ran into the other room and scribbled a note to Mr. Millius. Everything since then has been them trying to climb their way out of a hole they dug.

    Somebody should ask if they’ve ever heard of the Streisand Effect.

    • EH says:

      I think/hope it’s more that they realized facial recognition was a failure in Boston a couple weeks ago and, “OSHIT, people might realize this crap never works.”

  3. robotnik says:

    FaceVACS? So visiting national landmarks will soon require getting your face sucked? Sheesh.

  4. More mindless spending on worthless, and non-working projects with the aim of preventing presumed terrorist target attacks.  Fucking waste of money.

  5. Ian Osborne says:

    If the education system is getting so bad, hell, you can pay me to recognize The Statue of Liberty’s face for them.

  6. Ian Osborne says:

    The best public policy – don’t be an asshole.

  7. robuluz says:

    Halfway through the interview, Total Recall’s director of business development Peter Millius terminated the call, saying that the project was on hold, or possibly cancelled, “vetoed” by the Park Police.

    Then it got weird.

    Looks like we got ourselves another schizoid embolism!

  8. Just_Ok says:

    Did they tell the reporter to never show his face around there again?

  9. headcode says:

    The Statue of Liberty, where liberty goes to die.

  10. Kenmrph says:

    On the upside, if you buy in bulk from Total Recall, they can remember it for you wholesale.

  11. NelC says:

    [..] a new face recognition software being rolled out at the Statue of Liberty.

    I think my ironymeter just melted.

  12. oasisob1 says:

    I’m not the only one disappointed that the technology isn’t supposed to identify the Statue of Liberty.

  13. shay simmons says:

    Yes; telling a reporter that they are not authorized to write about something and then threatening to sue ALWAYS works.

  14. wjcarpenter says:

    If you ask someone about their security stuff and they refuse to tell you about it, that’s not really “security-through-obscurity”. That’s just them not telling you, and you have no way of knowing if their security is great or crap.

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