Excellent DIY mailboxes

Excellent collection of DIY geeky and arty mailboxes. "22 unusual and creative mailboxes you don’t see everyday" (via MAKE)


  1. ‘229’ is daring anyone to take a baseball bat to their mailbox.

    I’ve never lived in a house where the mailman came up on your porch and left mail in a mailbox (an elegant mailbox in my fantasy) beside the front door.  I imagine such a regular mailperson… and I would call him George (or Georgia or Jorge).

      1. There were a few companies in our small town where you could subscribe for delivery, but my parents bought at the grocery store.  For a while, mom bought fresh whole milk from a woman she worked with.  Mom turned the cream into butter and we drank the rest, but that arrangement only lasted a few years. 

        I remember the powdered milk years too.  Blech. 

        You had a milkman deliver milk to your door?   I’m nostalgic for a time when there were fewer of us to deliver to, and with those milkman and postmen that represented a greater sense of community.  I’m also watching the newest (and hopefully, last) pile to snow start to melt.  Talk about cabin fever.

        1. All our dairy needs were serviced by the milkman. The next-door neighbors even had giant tubs of potato chips delivered. And of course, there was the Fuller Brush man.

  2. A neighbor of mine hollowed out a mailbox-sized hole in a log about a foot in diameter, put the mailbox there.  Looks cool, and defeats mailbox baseball.

  3. I’ve had a “Mailboxes of America”  coffee table book on my projects list for a long time.  Folk art type deal.  Now it’s out there.  Yay internet.

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  4. A lot of these seem like dares for someone to steal them.  I couldn’t believe it when someone stole an entire newspaper box from one of the busiest squares near Boston just because it had some artistic design to it.  I wonder what the thief does with it now, “Hey!  Look at this Weekly Dig box I got in my apartment!  I rule!”

  5. The brick pyramid makes me think someone got fed up with having their mailbox run over.

    My parents’ mailbox is a standard metal box that’s been painted bright blue with purple flowers on it. Not as fancy as these, but it stands out nicely.

    Any of these’d be worth it just to make the mail carrier smile.

    1. The brick pyramid makes me think someone got fed up with having their mailbox run over.

      And yet, no laser turrets.

  6. IIRC there are limits to how custom your mailbox can be, not just obvious stuff like “no beartrap made in to a mail box”.

    Here we go: https://www.usps.com/manage/know-mailbox-guidelines.htm

    Basically you can end up with a postal carrier who won’t deliver to you w/o approval from the local postmaster. I think I found this out years ago on a Straight Dope thread about making a baseball-bat proof mailbox involving a box surrounded by cement sheathed in a regulation-looking mailbox welded to a steel post inside a hollowed out 4×4.

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