Photos of filthy Walmart stores

I once read that people who litter not only have little respect for the world around them, but that they also have little respect for themselves. I believe it. So is it any wonder that Walmart -- which is owned by a handful of the richest people on Earth yet shows little respect for employees, shoppers, communities, and taxpayers -- would have litter strewn, filthy stores?

Rob Cockerham says:

I wrote an article, with a bunch of photos, which illustrates the very sad state of Walmart stores in Sacramento. It's widely known, but I thought it might be a good idea to document the current state of my local stores and call out the billionaire owners to do a better job with their properties.

I got thrown out after 330 pictures.

Officer Perez from the Elk Grove police department approached me and said that he had been summoned because someone was "taking pictures of women." Two more officers arrived on the scene and asked to look through my photos, which I allowed. I was asked if I lived in Elk Grove or was just visiting.

I believe the officer took this photo as she attempted to view the photos. She clicked through them. "They are just pictures of trash."

I explained that I was taking photos for this article I was writing called "Get Your Shit Together Walmart", wherein I would document the state of Walmart stores and ask their league of billionaire owners to meet the community standards of cleanliness in their stores. They were not impressed.

"I'm sure your house isn't clean all the time," one officer suggested, defending Walmart.

"True, but I don't invite people over when it is a mess," wasn't my actual reply.

Officer Perez told me that taking photos was against the rules at Walmart and told me that I would have to leave Walmart and not return.

Photos of filthy Walmart stores