Clickable musical genre map

Genreeee "Every Noise At Once" is a fun, clickable map of musical genres where you can hear samples of the bands.


    1. Ishkur’s Guide is great.  It illustrates how good it is compared to when you try and go too wide (like on the link above), you expose your ignorance.  Sub Focus – “Tidal Wave” is Drum & Bass?  Really?

    2. And Ishkur’s been sitting on his ass for sometime now and his site has been offline since last June or so.  All it says is the new music guide is coming….   DAMMIT ISHKUR WHEN?

  1. Nerdcore isn’t listed and Depeche Mode isn’t under a category. I am sad. But! The little search tool includes the word ‘yet’, so maybe it will be later…

    1. Seems like whomever did the catagorizing has a comfort zone that consists only of jazz and blues. 

      1.  but the ARC Angels are in texas blues…. just cuz it was double trouble and bramhall’s kid (with SRV’s guitar strap) doesn’t make it texas blues. I like the band… and at the time of the album Doyle the Younger was dating my ex’s li’l sister. They’re still not Tx Blues.

        one bit o’ trivia… the boots Doyle is wearing on the cover of their first album were bought in a pawn shop in Waco, Tx.

        Take that shit straight to jeopardy and win yourself a million bucks!

  2. Interesting that “Comedy” (Mitch Hedberg!) is listed as a musical genre. Even more interesting that it’s in such close proximity to jazz and blues.

  3. It would be WAY funner if this person had any notion that ladies make music. 2 ladies in Jazz, and only 3 in Rock? bitch please!

    1. John Cage.  Me too.  Probably a Firefox problem – but at least the words get bolder when clicked.

      1. Not according to my ctl-f. Horror, folk, etc, 10 cases of ‘punk’ found. No steam.

  4.  Cat Power isn’t such a good example of slowcore. Low is more appropriate. And where’s “witch house”?

  5. Oh they are all so very close to being good.  Can I hear more than one sample per artist, though?  And can Every Noise at Once please steal TuneGlue’s feature of pivoting to alternate, arbitrary maps per artist?  And can they also hire Ishkur to write summaries that pop up when you get to a new defined genre :)

  6. this is a nice try… but having The Kinks in singer/songwriter while omitting Chris Smither, Dave Alvin, Tom Russell, Jerry Jeff Walker, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott… silly.

    the kinks?

    lord knows I love ’em… i really do… i’ve spent a lot of money on the kinks and ray… but they’re fookin’ rock-n-roll. almost the definition of.

  7. “Industrial Metal: Marilyn Manson’s Tainted Love”

    REALLY? Someone dropped the ball, and it is still rollin’

  8. It’s a very cool concept. My problem is that the proximity of many of the genres seems to imply influence or progression but there are so many examples of “left field” proximity that it kind of ruins it for me. In my browser I can see Classic Rock, British Blues and Southern Rock all near each other which makes lots of sense until you see Chiptunes sandwiched in there. Total left field.

  9. So what does it do? I see no rhyme or reason to this clickable mess. There’s no music that actually plays is there? There aught to be.

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