EFF updates the Takedown Hall of Shame


8 Responses to “EFF updates the Takedown Hall of Shame”

  1. xtophera says:

    Here’s my recipe for a classic desert:
    Take a large amount of sand. Sprinkle gently with oases. Depending on location, add one-hump or two-hump camel.

  2. Boundegar says:

    Microsoft Patents Ones, Zeros.

    Remember that Onion headline?  Remember when it was hilarious satire? Remember when some corporation didn’t own the copyright to every word in the goddam dictionary?

  3. Finnagain says:

    It would be darn shame if that recipe were accidentally widely distributed on face pants. likelikelike.

  4. Avram Grumer says:

    Wikipedia’s Derby Pie page reads like it was written especially to provide support for the Kern family in defending their trademark claims. 

  5. Jorge Velasquez says:

    I wonder if I could get a trademark on “Kern’s Family Pie”…

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