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7 Responses to “HOWTO: Laser-cut and 3D printed record albums”

  1. kmoser says:

    In 30 years they’ll be making laser-burned CDs and DVSs. Oh, wait…

  2. howaboutthisdangit says:

    Next will come laser playback of records, then they will shrink the records, then develop a wearable, portable player for those compact records.


    I work with lasers for a living and play records for entertainment.  It would be possible to create high quality analog recordings with lasers but I do not think this is that way.  

  4. TheOven says:

    How to ruin a record needle in one step.

  5. Complete waste of time, why use this technology to create inferior sounding records. The pointlessness astounds me .

    • Ray Perkins says:

      Well, I’m sure he had fun. But why not rotate the blank under the laser? Surely that would (oops, a pun) improve accuracy as it uses only one positioning servo. And I don’t know what stylus he’s using, but I would have gone for one from and old 78 player – bigger needle, and not as sensitive to minor flaws. Is the record encoded with vertical (laser energy) or horizontal displacement? Old technology tried both. (Stereo cartridges respond to both; mono to horizontal.)

  6. Purple-Stater says:

    That’s really cool.  It’s interesting.  It’s rather scientific.  It’s downright amusing.  But, how is it art?