IT Crowd coming back for a final episode!


12 Responses to “IT Crowd coming back for a final episode!”

  1. Tim H says:

    Not having cable I hadn’t known the series was cancelled but was instead
    in that mysterious internet holding pattern awaiting new shows.  Now
    I’m sad.

    • OliveGreenapple says:

      Yeah there have not been any new ones for some time. I should know… I bought them all. I don’t regret it either.

    • Esprit de Corpse says:

       Not cancelled.  Linehan doesn’t like to do more than a few series of any of his sitcoms (though I wish he would do more).  Don’t know if he’s gone beyond three for any of them.

  2. metacyclotron says:

    I’m hoping it will be a ludicrous display.

  3. Only ONE episode?  I don’t know whether to be happy or sad!

  4. mccrum says:

    If anyone needs me, I’ll be in the middle of the road screaming with delight.

    It might be one episode, but it’s one more than currently exists.

  5. planettom says:

    This news turns me off and on again!

  6. austinhamman says:

    im happy-sad…happy for more IT crowd, sad it’s only one more episode.

  7. SHaGGGz says:

    Yay, I guess? IT Crowd has its moments but I’m baffled by the intensity of the love some heap on it. Favorite new sitcom of the century? Really? I’m hoping you don’t count Curb, Arrested Development, Always Sunny or Workaholics as sitcoms.

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