David LaFerriere's sandwich bag art


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  1. Greg Van Antwerp says:

    Doesn’t everyone do this? David’s work is excellent and there is another brown bag artist like me linked on my blog.

  2. Erik Van der Torre says:

    I really hate this. Not because the artwork isn’t awesome and beautiful. It is. But because there are now >1,100 nicely decorated lunch bag in a landfill somewhere. 

    • Curmudgeon says:

       My thoughts exactly. Although I hate myself for being a killjoy, it bothers me more to see so much plastic wasted on a single use. There are reusable options out there. Couldn’t he use food markers to draw directly on the sandwich and leave his kids a world to enjoy instead?

  3. Rick. says:

    Here’s a paper waster, to go with this; the great Thomas Perkins and his lunch bag blog for his children.


  4. Mike Smith says:

    I too waste paper for my kids, 


  5. JLA says:

    Check out Nina Levy’s Daily Napkins: http://ninaslevy.blogspot.com/

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