Enraged man goes on bulldozer rampage over fence-placement

Barry Swegle of Port Angeles, Washington lost his temper with his neighbors last Friday and used his logging bulldozer to destroy four homes, as well as vehicles and utility poles. He was reportedly angry over the siting of a neighbor's fence-line, which impeded his ability to maneuver his earth-moving and construction vehicles. The International Harvester TD-25 rampage only lasted a few minutes. No one was hurt.

Jesse Major, a 19-year-old student who said his grandmother lives in one of the damaged homes, said Swegle is known in the neighborhood because he sometimes digs seemingly random holes with a bulldozer late at night.

Man damages 4 Washington homes with bulldozer [Seattle Times]

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  1. Sounds like Vermont.  Recently some guy was pissed at the local Sheriffs and drove his tractor over 4 or 5 police cars, then was driving home.  They chased him on foot down the street, with weapons drawn, naturally.

      1. ..and most likely insurance.  and via that unlikely source might come some indirect aid to the sorry state of the hinted at issue.

      2. Not calling BS on this, just curious as to where you are that a license is needed to operate earth-moving equipment. I rent heavy equipment a couple of times a year, and I’m only asked for papers-please when the towing vehicle requires a CDL to drive — if I can pull it behind my pickup the only credentials I need to supply are little slips of cash.

        1. I’m not sure about the specifics in Washington state but I was under the impression that anything as large as the machine pictured above usually requires a Heavy Equipment Operator License.

        2. You probably don’t need one, but the gun control “joke” falls completely flat regardless of any of that.

      3. You might need a license to to operate one on the street, or insurance to operate as a contractor, but there’s really nothing preventing people from driving them on their property. I’ve driven a friend’s backhoe loader, they’re quite fun to drive in a safe and sane manner. He’s also got an excavator and a dozer on his property.

        1. I used a backhoe loader back when I worked as a laborer but I wasn’t allowed to drive some of the heavier equipment without being certified first. Not sure where this particular machine falls on that list.

      4. Not on your own land. I don’t think they issue licenses to randomly destroy your neighbor’s homes though.

    1. The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a bulldozer is a good guy with a bulldozer … which sounds like it would be awesome to watch.

    1. I remember this. Have to say the man was dedicated to his cause. Even as nut-bag insane as it was.

    1. I’m fairly sure that there is no such thing as a ‘random’ hole, just a hole governed by logic incomprehensible to drivers of lesser vehicles…

    1. I’m pretty sure that they left off the end of that quote.  The part where he sometimes digs seemingly random holes with a bulldozer late at night, while intoxicated.

  2. He should try the Sturgeon defense:   His bulldozer blade hit a mysterious blue rock / ancient ruin, which released an energy creature that possessed his bulldozer, turning it into a Killdozer.

  3. There was a “Malcom in the Middle” episode about the terrible addiction some people have to crushing things with construction equipment.

  4. I witnessed the tank that happened in San Diego nearly 20 years ago. The bulldozer is scary, but not as much as an M-60 tank running through neighborhoods, over cars, and on the freeway. http://goo.gl/mjBxt

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