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7 Responses to “Dictionary of Numbers: browser extension humanizes the numbers on the Web”

  1. Fantome_NR says:

    looks like someone broke an Italic tag.

  2. Philomath says:

    It doesn’t have anything for 42.  Fail.

  3. jandrese says:

    I wonder if it can convert Football Fields and Libraries of Congress?  

  4. Finnagain says:

    I  need to have all volume descriptions converted to bread boxes.

  5. daneyul says:

    I’m annoyed to no end by news reports that spout out huge numbers related to some specialized field without any context whatsoever as to the significance of the value.

    Just wish I didn’t have to use Chrome to use it.

  6. Personally, I hate it when numeric analogies are used. Saying that something has as much information as the Library of Congress or weighs as much as an elephant isn’t very informative unless I happen to have those figures handy. Give me the real numbers.

    • fireshadow says:

       Last week I had to explain to my mother how long a football field was after she complained that a documentary gave the analogy but not the actual number … she seemed surprised that I immediately knew the answer.