Robot made from recycled scrap

Chinese inventor Tao Xiangli tinkers with a hand-made robot at his house in Beijing, May 15, 2013. Tao, 37, spent ¥150,000 ($24,400) to build it out of recycled scrap metal and electric wires found at second-hand markets. The robot, which took a year to complete, is 7ft tall and weighs about a quarter of a ton. [Photo: REUTERS/Suzie Wong]


    1. To para-quote Dwight: Just give it a short extension cord as a safety device, for when it inevitably turns on us.

    2. just as Bradley implied I can’t believe that any one able to make $5436 in four weeks on the network.

  1. Of course.  The guy’s smart.  What he hasn’t mentioned is he really built it so he wouldn’t have to sift through scrap.  That robot does it now, and builds duplicates of itself, optimising the design according to available materials and the destination configuration and parameters.

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