Rare, amazing original prospectus for Disneyland


4 Responses to “Rare, amazing original prospectus for Disneyland”

  1. Nash Rambler says:

    Wow.  It’s incredible how much of this original vision came through, and you can feel how nostalgic Walt was about the past.  But yeah, the Uncle Remus bit is appalling; it’s like your favorite relative smiling at you and then grabbing your crotch.

    • luckythepainproofman says:

      Is it? Is it really? Is the use of a dated colloquialism that at the time was acceptable whether it was right or not REALLY tantamount to incestual rape? Hmm?

      • Nash Rambler says:

        Nah, not really tantamount to incest.  The levels of disgust are the same, but my horror isn’t from Walt using the phrase, it’s from how acceptable it was to use it.  But since it’s trusted Uncle Walt, you just don’t expect it no matter what era you’re in.

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