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10 Responses to “3D printed bio-absorbable splint saves baby with otherwise fatal impaired breathing”

  1. A week after I broke my arm I had an appointment with medical technicians at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. They cut the plaster cast off my arm which sort of left my broken humerus dangling at my side. Not painful but sort of a worry. Then they sorted through a bunch of plastic splints, measured them for size and started cutting one to the correct shape with hand tools.

    I have to say the sight of those tools had me worried for a minute. But I suppose having a machine which can make the correct splint, given data the hospital already has about the shape of my arm would be a fine idea. Better than hacking away with a saw. More precise, and more repeatable.

  2. Brainspore says:

    Aww, more like bio-ADORable!

    I’m confused about the medical terminology though. Isn’t this more of a “stent” than a “splint?”

    • Chris Warren says:

      I’m not sure this necessarily holds up to scrutiny, but perhaps the distinction could be internal (stent) support versus external support (splint).

  3. eragle says:

    I love it when science comes to the rescue. That kid is precious. 

  4. James Churchill says:

    Capa is bioreabsorbable? That’s an interesting thing that I probably shouldn’t be allowed to know… (insert mad scientist laughter here)

  5. Rick Adams says:

    But I’ve heard that 3-D printers can also be used to make guns. So shouldn’t we take a step back before we go playing god? Won’t this help the terrists in some way?

  6. ando bobando says:

    Well holy smokes if that isn’t the cutest and most goddamn heartwarming thing I’ve seen all week. :D

  7. TomND says:

    And the gene pool gets weaker again. Hoo-fucking-ray.

  8. Ari B. says:

    I want to write something about this, but I keep getting something in my eye.

  9. minidriver says:

    This is why science and technology are good things.