UK film student seeks steampunk props

Ranjana sez, "I'm a Bournemouth University postgraduate student and I'm producing a short but ambitious steampunk drama for my Masters project and I'm looking for a few props for our film: steampunk radio; wrist communicator device; steampunk guns; other general props. Could you please ask your steampunk readers in the UK if they have any of the props, I could perhaps borrow for a small deposit along with an invite for the owner(s) of the prop to feature in our film."

2 Responses to “UK film student seeks steampunk props”

  1. Sam Medina says:

    Smart way to get props… I’ll be sure to tweet this link.

  2. Sally-Ann Livingston says:

    I have Steampunk jewellery and accessories at and my brother, an experienced professional modelmaker, has some awesome props at 

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