Sheldon Cooper mask


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  1. Peter says:

    I dunno, to me it looks more like he’s going as a department store mannikin who comes to life for one week only and hasn’t made it back to the mall in time before he started to change back.  

  2. Sandy says:

    If it hadn’t said it was Sheldon, I never would’ve known. 

  3. Cliff Hesby says:

    Not so much for a Sheldon Cooper costume as for the serial killer who killed and skinned him.

  4. dhparlee says:

    Looks more like Mr. Bean without his eyes bugging out to me.

  5. ffabian says:

    Looks like a “generic white man”-mask to me

  6. adonai says:

    I don’t know, some strategic make-up and you could end up with a young Peter Murphy costume…

  7. Daemonworks says:

    More accurately, it makes you look like a serial killer who’s wearing the character’s face.

  8. vonbobo says:

    I once met a young man, at a Flaming Lips concert, wearing a mask of himself.
    It was terrifying, and “cant take my eyes away from it” cool.

  9. Jardine says:

    That shit is like nerd blackface.

  10. bcsizemo says:

    And in terms of masks, I think Aphex Twin would make a killing if he sold masks similar to the ones used in his Come To Daddy video.

  11. Kris Åsard says:

    ‘Shopped – and I don’t even have to tell from the pixels, since it’s an obvious ‘shop of *this* image: wich is one of the top five when you do a search for “Sheldon mask” (hint: look at the ears). 

    So in other words: the image on the front of the box will probably not match the contents, and the actual mask you’ll get in the mail will probably be something else, like an old Pee Wee herman mask repositioned with a new paint job.

    • hypnosifl says:

      The ears match, but the rest of the face doesn’t look like a photoshopped version of that image–for example, the nose is at a different angle in the mask than in the image. Isn’t it possible that the mask is real but it doesn’t have ears, so they pasted the mask onto a photo of the actor (this one comes up a lot when you do a google image search for “sheldon cooper”, and it seems to be the basis for the mask image you found), in order to make the ears match?

      • Kris Åsard says:

        It’s possible, but not very probable. Hairline matches up too. Also, if they´d taken an actual photo of an existing mask, there’d be a visible seam or edge somewhere in the eye area, so ‘shopping has been going on here regardless. I’m betting we´re looking at a digital product mockup here.

        • Ian Wood says:

          Y’all are about to implode and wink out of existence.

          • I’m glad you warned them. I would have if you hadn’t.

          • hypnosifl says:

            That’s happened to me before, that’s why I keep this reapparition scroll I bought from a wandering wizard on me at all times, it’s a lifesaver! Thanks to this baby, being periodically ejected from existence by a nerd singularity needn’t be more than a minor inconvenience.

  12. Napalm Dog says:

    I was scrolling, listening to this when I saw the image. My brain meat had to do quick math….

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