Infographic: the Laughable Bumblef*ckery of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

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If you've been finding it hard to get your head around all the scandals, awfulness and pure shitshowery of Toronto mayor Rob "Laughable Bumblefuck" Ford, look no futher: Hilary Sargent has composed a handy reference in infographic form.


  1. (Weasels are a huge attraction at Canadian zoos.)

    I like that she added this note. She’s explained everything.

  2. Infographic 101: Don’t assume your readers have a 5,339px × 4,906px monitor. Vertical scrolling may be okay, but horizontal scrolling probably isn’t. The maximum horizontal size should be within the normal monitor resolution (maybe 1000-1200 pixels).

  3. We’re taught to believe that democracy is about dozens of qualified candidates applying for the job, and the citizen-HR department winnowing out all but the very best. What we really need is a way to keep the very worst out of office, and limit the damage they can do once there.

    1. I don’t think there’s a way you can screen politicians without unfairly eliminating some and presenting a very undemocratic appearance.  You need to find a way to make people care about the political process, and not just alienate and bore them.

  4. *”Cory. You and Boing Boing are obviously a part of the latte sipping pinko’s of leftist, liberal, Marxist Commies who drove Mayor Ford to develop a habit in the first place !”

    “The MSM media, go figure ! ”

    “The video is photoshopped”

    *Actual Ford supporters. ( still as of today ).

  5. According to my brief search online.  53.2% voter turnout to get Rob Ford in.

    47% voted for Rob Ford.  That’s about 25% of the population.

    An apathetic result for an apathetic Mayor. It’s hard to feel sympathy for Toronto as a whole.  If you had a higher turnout giving a better sample of the population, then perhaps I’d take it a little more seriously.

    If you want to do something about it, at the next election do something crazy.  Vote.  Let your local member (or whatever you call them in Canada), know that you didn’t vote last election and you don’t want to repeat that mistake.  Let them know what would win/lose your vote.  If one person does it.  Who cares.  IF a thousand people do it, you get change.  Better than any infographic.

    (Note:  There is always corruption, tampering and stupid stuff.  But I think what would send a stronger message to Rob and everyone that follows if if voter turnout hit an all-time high and they all said “NO MORE ROB”)

  6. I have to be blunt here: I’ve seen several of Hilary Sargent’s “infographics”, and most of them aren’t very good. If she wants to make a blog post, she should just make a blog post, rather than putting separate paragraphs in a radial format that’s clumsy and serves no real purpose. 

    1. Yeah, that text really had no business being a huge image; it didn’t add a thing.

      …Except the inability to highlight and copy without using OCR first.

  7. I wanted to enjoy this but some facts/allegations are so skewed, I have to be fair and disagree with the way they are presented.

    For example the “Call me at home… You have to be over the age of 18.” bit. The two sentences have nothing to do with each other but the quote is altered to make it look like he was propositioning women for sex which is bs (in this case).

    Yes, he is a douche, but you’re not convicing anyone by twisting his words. You shouldn’t have to, really.

  8. That’s not an infographic. That’s just text that’s been rendered unreadable by dicking around with it.

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