Freestanding "street library"


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  1. laurieanne says:

    There is a similar library operating in Kulpmont, PA. Books are free, no checking in or out, all donated, over 700 at last count. Take one, leave one, whatever.

  2. sdmikev says:

    That is so cool.
    One of our neighbors put up a glass-door, gabled little library.  With a water bowl for dogs underneath.. :)
    They seem to be getting a really nice rotation and it’s always full.

  3. zantony says:

    This is the coolest design for a Little Free Library that I’ve seen so far. There’s a nice little wooden one a few blocks from my house (and several more in my city). As a librarian at the local Big Free Library, this project tickles me to no end.

  4. Peter Gorman says:

    This is a very nice one, though they didn’t invent the Little Free Library:
    We’ve had ours up for a little over a year.

  5. Vinnie Tesla says:

    That design is handsome and ingenious, but I would feel uncomfortably vulnerable with my head up in that opaque bubble and my body exposed to passers-by. Maybe I;m just paranoid?

  6. Library of Justice says:

    We just re-opened our LFL that we stock with comics and graphic novels (as well as other books) and is designed after the Hall of Justice.

  7. kmoser says:

    Cue the lawsuit from B&N in 3…2…1….

  8. Mr_Smooth says:

    If they plug the holes, the design also works underwater.

    Now somebody get busy and make us a Little Free Diving Bell library!

  9. davex says:

    This is really fun until you discover that it’s full of bees. 

    • Jorpho says:

      I was just thinking it had so many advantages over other designs, but indeed, I did not think of bees.  Or wasps, or spiders (oh $deity spiders).

  10. fivetonsflax says:

    Hey, it’s Prince St.! I know the exact block, having grown up around the corner.

  11. CH says:

    Nice looking, reminds me of a submarine. But… it’s not very accessible friendly. And clumsy me would probably bang my head. But it really looks nice, I wonder if it could be improved somehow to be a bit more accommodating.

  12. Rider says:

    I can only imagine how skin meltingly hot it is going to be inside that thing in August. 

  13. Halloween_Jack says:

    I’ve just kind of given up on the whole “a place to leave books for giving away, while admirable, is not a library” thing, and am now just amused at how overdesigned and clumsy this thing is. 

  14. traalfaz says:

    I think it could get a few people to think about grabbing a book that otherwise wouldn’t, because it would double as a rain shelter.  Someone might duck under it to escape a momentary downpour and get interested.

  15. Melissa says:

    The Mulberry branch library is two blocks away. Why not put this thing in an area where there isn’t a library so close by?

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