Kickstarting a spy film with heart about gamers, based on a true story

Paul sez,

MLE is a wonderful 'spy film with heart' an simultaneously an undercover tribute to the videogame Portal, based on a true story. It's about the unfortunately-named actor Julie Robert, stranded in a foreign country when her only gig evaporates, and who ends up spying as way to survive.

It is the second film (and first full-length comedy) written and directed by the Atom Egoyan-mentored Sarah Warren, who is fresh from films in Cannes and Toronto film festivals. Sarah's assembled an Oscar-nominated/BAFTA-winning crew and production team, including Simon Shore and the cinematographer Kristin Fieldhouse. Half the micro-budget has been raised from a Canadian investor, and now she's looking to Kickstarter for the remaining £17k. It also has the best Kickstarter fundraising film ever, starring a mischievous Makie doll. Perfect. The voice of the script is unique, and wonderfully fresh — imagine a feminist Woody Allen who's played too much Half Life and you're getting there.

MLE — a feature film