Scenes from #OccupyGezi

Three photos picked from the OccupyGeziPics Tumblr, chosen for their vivid incongruities, and also to remind us all that Turkey still fights for the right to protest:

Another photo of the woman in red surfaces.

A young girl sells Anonymous masks in Taksim

A protester checks her cell phone.


    1. I thought it was kind of sad that the poor Progeria sufferer had to sell wares on the street. 

  1. Some of the incongruities remind me of Lawrence Durrell’s book Bitter Lemons, about his time in Cyprus leading up to its independence from Britain. He talked about how confused British soldiers sometimes were by Cypriot behavior, such as when boys who’d been throwing rocks at the soldiers then rushed to help an old British woman carry her packages.

    1. Most average people are able to separate governments from people.  Why this continually surprises soldiers and government types is the oddity.

  2. Lady in red,
    is gassing with me
    there’s nobody here
    except you and me and my backpack full of pepper spray. 

  3. Essential reading, maybe. But whatever, they’re good.

    Walter Jon Williams – Deep State and This Is Not A Game.
    Ian McDonald – The Dervish House

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