Beastles are back: double-album of Beastie Boys/Beatles mashups imminent

Here's some wonderful musical news: djBC has revived the Beastles, the inspired Beastie Boys/Beatles mashups that resulted in two spectacular albums, ultimately censored off the Internet thanks to legal threats from EMI.

The new double, 20-track Beastles album, "Ill Submarine," is about to drop, and djBC has a lot of teasers to get you ready for it. As this post goes us, RadioClash is running a live podcast special about it:

Sunday is Beastles Day on Radio Clash Live from 6am BST (British Summer Time). djBC has a new Beastle album about to drop - Ill Submarine and he's created an exclusive mix for RCL,This is a special 3 hour show with an exclusive mix of Beatles covers from Ian Fondue as part of a new 'Done To Death' mix series, and many more Beatles/Beastles mashups, remixes and shows throughout the day, including from 8am the 7 Radio Clash Beatles Podcasts in sequence

(Above: poster by Yo Yo Yosef, click to embiggen)

There's also the video for the title track, "Ill Submarine, above, and some poster art from Yo Yo Yosef. I've had a preview of the album on heavy rotation for two days and it is spectacular.


  1. Three teenage rapping goofs truly became one of the finest rock bands on the planet, how did THAT happen?  First time I heard “The In Sound From Way Out”, it blew my mind to smithereens.

  2. For a real mashup, try Beatallica Beastles is just a remix.

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