Raging Heroes: kickstarting all-woman armies of RPG miniatures

Raging Heroes is a spectacularly successful new Kickstarter to produce 150 female warrior miniatures divided into three armies. They were looking for $12,000 and hit that in 30 seconds. Now they're over $300K and still rising, with over 1,400 backers. The minis are very beautiful, and the studio, based in France, has a textbook-example, perfectly structured KS. But 30 seconds. Wow.

Raging Heroes - The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy (Thanks, Alice)


  1. Judging from the awesome looking pictures I’m guessing that Games Workshop is gonna shut this down, but… only after they’ve invested a considerable amount of time and money.

    1. I don’t see any claim Games Workshop could make. There are many other 28mm tabletop games currently sold and competing for the same customer base. There are also a number of small companies making custom parts and whole miniatures for use with other companies game systems. GW does acknowledge this by stating that only GW mini’s can be used for GW painting or similar competitions..

  2. I loved how the voiceover. „Great characters with lots of personality“.   Right over the large-breasted group.  

    1. Yup, female warriors = boobs & midriffs, apparently.
      It’s fantasy, though, so it’s OK I guess.

      1. The designs they haven’t made yet seem ot have a little less of the cheesecake factor included, but thereks no excuse i can offer for all of the miniatures being created using the same idealized proportions.

        I’d order this if it didn’t show quite so much consideration for the male gaze.

        1. That’s true of most miniatures. You don’t see fat, short balding Guardsmen either. You have to make miniatures curvy otherwise the only way to tell they’re females is by long hair on the head. At least these models are not over the top huge breasted warrior strippers.

          1. I just read your comment to my boxes of minis, and my short fat guardsmen, aged wizard, duster-wearing cowgirl, conservatively armored female archer, and goblin paladin laughed you out of the room.

            The point isn’t that this shitty portrayal of female chatacters is popular. You know it is, and I know it is. The point is that even if it’s better than most Reaper minis, IT ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH. I don’t buy warrior barbies to roleplay with.

          2.  …Some of them kinda are.  (And for counterbalance… find one in the range with size A breasts.  Just one.  Dare you.)

            Male miniatures don’t get 20-inch dicks in case we can’t tell they’re male; the sculptor is supposed to have studied human form at some point.  (And if the only way you can tell you’re talking to a woman is the breasts… you’re missing out on some great curves in other places.)

          3. 28mm scale miniatures aren’t anatomically correct, they’re all way off. Perhaps you should study the human form yourself before using it to support your perspective.

            Male miniatures are identifiable by the exaggerated musculature, females by their breasts. There are miniatures in this range which are designed specifically to be ‘sexy’ but there are plenty which are just ‘attractive’ physiques in regular military gear. Check out the heavy soldiers for each faction or just about anything from the Iron Empire range for examples.

          4.  I wholeheartedly agree. Too many people complain about the sexism of these and similar miniatures, but don’t think twice about 90% of male miniatures being tall, muscular & square jawed. All of the same stereotypes apply to both genders, it’s just that if it’s portraying women it’s “sexism”, if it’s portraying men it’s “industry norm”.

          5. Too many people complain about the sexism of these and similar miniatures, but don’t think twice about 90% of male miniatures being tall, muscular & square jawed.

            Being tall and muscular would be advantages to an action figure. Large breasts, not so much. Perhaps if you could show us some action figures with melon sized nuts, you’d have a valid point.

    2. Yep; designs suffer from a very bad case of boob-armour, except in those cases where they just left off the armour.

      Some of these are still kinda awesome, though.  I’d be pledging if I weren’t broke.

      1. I totally disagree. There is very little stripper quality to these female models. If anything they’re more athlete than pole dancer. Besides showing a little midriff, they are not overly sexualized  bimbos.

        1. Yeah, except the very last picture where the gal is wearing a thong, gauntlets, boots and there’s censoring over her exposed nipples. 

          1. Some are sexualised, most are not.

            The example you gave isn’t even part of the kickstarter it’s an older miniature from another range entirely.

        2. I didn’t say they looked like strippers (ignoring for a moment the cheesecakey ones that are actually meant to).

          I said they had a case of boob-armour, and they do.  Convincing armour does not separate the breasts and leave a flat target point over the sternum just to make sure the enemy know you’re female.  The enemy will be able to tell from your corpse after they shoot you because the armour was showing off your breasts instead of protecting you. 

          The various faction “heavy troopers” are the worst offenders, having torso armour whose primary function is to show off the torso, not protect it.  If that’s “a little midriff”, I’m not sure what constitutes a lot.   It screams “Hey!  I have boobs!  They’re so awesome, I don’t care if you shoot me in the stomach!  Because boobs!”

          It’s better on some of the clothed rather than armoured ones, but there’s some egregious examples there too.  (“Elite Snipers” do not wear clothing that shows their stomach, because they expect to spend a lot of time lying on it.)

  3. Princess Merida gets a minor makeover and it’s Internet outrage, but big-breasted future fighters are somehow feminists?

    1. Small kids watch animated/CG movies. These are meant for an older crowd and they depict athletic bad-ass female soldiers, not weak sexy captives.

      1.  Ummm… the movie did depict a bad-ass female soldier; that’s why the makeover annoyed so many people.

    2. There’s a way to go, clearly.  But the difference is that Merida’s makeover made her look less competent.  These miniatures at least don’t suffer from that.

  4. These kind of seem like your typical comic-book/video game-derived warrior designs…now with bewbage! The characters being female is pretty incidental.

  5. I’m with the  ” stop making all female warriors uber-fecund sex fantasy dolls” crowd.   Unless maybe the intent is that they wink at their enemies, who promptly trip over their own erections and can be beheaded with ease.

    1. That was actually the canon whay to explain the fetish wear woman superheroes whore during the  the silver and golden age. 

      Sorry, I’m not a native speaker, I might have dropped a superfluous h somewhere in my sentence.

      1.  Don’t worry about it, I am, and I get extraneous letters all over the shop. My typing has become progressively shitter over the years. I blame the internet.

    2. It’s amazing that as soon as you slap titis on a toy, it becomes sexist or demeaning. You’re absolutely right. Let’s hope someone puts out some short, fat, flat chested, ugly ladies holding a college degree in one hand and a briefcase on the other. Maybe professional athletes should wear baggy clothes so they won’t be marginalized. Heaven forbid that we see some volleyball player showing midriff .

  6. You guys should look at all the concepts. They vary from a faction that is kind of a combination between Mad Max and Tank Girl, to very realisticly equiped soldiers, to a horroresque faction. Please don’t just focus on the cheesecakey ones. There is a wide variety.

    1. At 28 mm are at 200 meters through a rangefinder, a female soldier in full body armor is pretty much indistinguishable from a male one.

      1. That’s precisely why you have to accentuate the female form. Otherwise you would simply buy female head with pony tails and stick them on an androgynous soldier body.

    2. There are an excellent variety, but they’re all equipped (if armoured) with separated-breast armour.  Physically unconvincing; I’ll allow a lot of slack in SF, but I can never make myself believe in armour that adds an extra target point over the heart.

      Won’t stop me buying anyway (there are some great models), but I’m still hoping for the manufacturer who can do this style without succumbing to that problem.

        1. If you can take a shot at the unarmoured breast/midriff point without getting your heart and lungs punctured… you’re more SF than the sculptor intended.

  7. In fact, their is only 1 of 3 factions with bare middriffs, the Arnold Schwarzenegger Commando, no armor, Jailbirds. The rest have reasonable armor and are fully clothed. Why should only men tear their shirts appart and use ammunitions instead?

    I don’t mind the breast bulges, don’t forget these are minatures and therefor this helps to identify them as woman on first glance.

    Seriously, I am really happy to finally have a whole range of soldiers of all kinds and mainly with armor. And the ones without – they’re still tough, not damsels in distress. I waited veeeery long for such miniatures to appear. I have some Statuesque ones (they’re great, check them out), some Infinity ones but I never had a chance to get an whole army of female soldiers, that can be taken seroulsy. Finally it happened and I love all three. Nothing is better than variety.
    Oversexualization is not the ability to identify something as female, especially not if the boobs are the only way to know like with the Iron Empire, while the Kurganovas still have a face.

    1. I agree with you 100%! They are well sculpted and designed miniatures. I’ve been waiting for some kick-ass warriors for quite some time too.

    2. If you need all boobs to be D+ and badly protected to identify something as female, then (a) I pity you for the great female forms you’re missing, and (b) the sculptor needs to go back to anatomy study.

      You don’t need to have a 2′ long dick and 6′ wide shoulders to identify a character as male; the only reason you think you need massively exaggerated sexual characteristics to make a miniature female is that you’ve been trained to think “male” is the default and the differences of women from that have to be emphasised.

      Compare to the uniforms on the female werewolves here, which have their problems but at least look like they were designed as uniforms first and female emphasis systems second. 

      It’s hard to do it right, especially in the over-male-dominated wargames world, but it’s discouraging that so few try.  This figure is obviously female, obviously badass, and showing no breasts or midriff whatsoever.  This one shows even GW don’t need to be terrible all the time.  Ship’s crew can be done right.  Heck, even the actual Odalisques from the Infinity range are showing less midriff, and so’s this lady, despite being from an expressly anime-inspired frequently-cheesecake universe.

      I can love these sculpts, but I won’t claim they’re a great stride forward for the representation of women.  Because my female players would beat me to death, laughing.  Without showing their boobs.

      1. Your examples are wrong. The frist have boobs, the second is a traditional female swordfighter, easy to identify through the hair, the second has boobs and a ponytail, the third have boobs. I could replace boobs with “female anatomy”. The hourglass form is female. Though every single release of a female features something that I identify them as female, which makes sense if I want to play with female characters. I don’t really get your criticism, since the Jailbirds are the only ones with a free belly, the differences are called diversity, which is a great thing because it would be truly boring and not good, when all females are the same but they aren’t. Parker is not Cruz is not One-Shot Blondie and especially is not Krüger or Kano or Wolfenstein.

        Yes, most with armor have boob armor. Sexyness is one reason for sure but one, not the only one. These are 28mm miniatures, they have different or no hair styles, not everyone can or will be made typical hourglass form, so the breast bulges are a good way to still show them as female. I don’t even like such armor but it’s not a big deal here, it is reasonable and I say it is a great stride forward for the reprenstation of woman, because we do not have chain mail bikini armies here.

        1. No, my examples make the point exactly.  All are obviously female, all have breasts, all have curves; and you clearly identified all of them as female, despite none of them having separate-boob armour or special open-cleavage uniforms.

          As you say, they’re clearly identifiable female characters.  Without their uniforms being cut solely to show off breasts.

          And yes, we do have chain-mail-bikini armour.  The elite sniper is wearing the exact SF equivalent of the chainmail bikini and cape, and it’s just as ridiculous on her as it is on an axe-wielding valkyrie. 

          And the differences in models are NOT “diversity”.  None of them are fat, none of them are short, and above all none of them are below a D-cup.  I would love diversity in female modelmaking; this isn’t it.  It’s excellent sculpting, but it’s still entirely a male-gaze version of “feminine”.

          1. I already pointed out why the examples are wrong. You point at woman without armor, that still have aspects that makes it possible to identify them as woman. A woman like Zerga is helped in that issue with boob armor.

            And no, the elite sniper is NOT wearing the exact SF equivalent of the chainmail bikini, because a chain mail is armor, textile is not. Yes she shows skin – get over it. There are many different girls and the Jailbird factions shows skin. That’s called diversity. it follows the definition of the word. Without diversity, we would’ve one faction or three times the same and all looking like One-Shot Blondie. But that’s not the case. We have no fat, of course not. They’re soldiers. How many fat girls compete in sports? On one hand saying breast bulges are unrealistic and than wanting them to feature fat soldiers.

            None of them below a D-Cup? How could you know that? The tank commanders looking like having B- or C-Cups, through armor most aren’t even identifiable.

            We are talking about a miniature game, most of the time all have nearly the same height here and looking at the shoes, they seem to be smaller than the Kurganova Sisters, more in the range of the guys.

            Diversity doesn’t mean, something has to cover every single thought that comes to your mind.

            It’s not a male-gaze version of feminine. It’s just three different faction of tough woman and you’re reducing them on a single aspect of many. As said, that is superficial.

          2. Zerga is NOT “helped” by her boob armour.  It doesn’t make her “more identifiable as female”, it makes her badly equipped to do her job.  The sculptor is perfectly capable of making her look female without making her armour stupid; he’s chosen not to and should be called on that choice.

            And you’re seriously arguing that One-Shot Blondie (Check that name!  What matters in snipers is hair colour!) isn’t wearing a chainmail bikini equivalent because…

            …the sculpt is fabric, so indicates that she’s less protected than that?

            Wow.  Whooooooosh.

            Her outfit actively prevents her from doing her job.  The job which involves lying on your stomach a lot, and which she’s supposedly “elite” at.  In a way that would never have happened to a male sculpt. 

            So no, I’m not going to “get over it”, as it’s open sexism that should be called out wherever it happens.  (Hint: when you say “get over it”, it’s a likely sign you’re indulging your male privilege of not being bothered by a problem that you, personally, will never have to cope with.)

            Having three different factions with three different kinds of breast-showoff is not diversity, and it’s not less sexist than having them all look like the Jailbirds. 

            (And if you think there are no short / fat / A-cup soldiers, you’ve met a lot fewer soldiers than I have…)

      2. Have you never seen the codpieces on 28mm male figures? Or the pauldrons they wear?

        The great majority of male miniatures disprove your opinions on the matter.

        1. The codpieces and pauldrons don’t actually prevent them from being well-armoured and able to do their jobs.  They’re add-ons to armour that actually works first.

          It’s not what’s there in boob-armour that’s the problem; it’s what’s missing.  Male miniatures don’t lack for actual protections

          (Hell, why don’t women get the exaggerated pauldrons?  Do women not have shoulders?  Historical women’s armour has pauldrons.  Oh, wait – it’s because historical women’s armour protects the arms and torso.)

  8. Great armies and as to the boobs, they are within normal proportions…not like playboy boobies at all :) (which are horrendously ugly…in this case plastic fantastic!! Not so in real life :) )

    1. Within real-life proportions, sure.  Encompassing real-life proportions, not in the least.  If a female player at my table wants to play an action heroine with an athlete’s figure and B-cup breasts, what should she choose?  Nothing from this range.  (Or any other major SF range.)

      1. She can use a male miniature from just about any range with a simple female headswap if that’s all she is after.

        The problem is, that market – can’t sustain miniature producers. If companies want to sell female soldier miniatures, they need to be idealized – the same as male miniatures need to be muscular and look strong/intimidating.

        1. If companies want to sell female soldier miniatures, they need to be idealized

          The problem, which you seem unable or unwilling to grasp, is that “idealized” for action doesn’t mean having giant breasts. That’s “idealized” for puerile masturbation fantasies.

          1. I never said anything about idealized “for action” – the ideal female form is used in most female miniatures, the same as the ideal male form is used for male miniatures. Neither accurately reflect ‘normal’ people, because that isn’t what people want to see. How often do you see a clothing mannekin with a pot belly? How about ancient statues? Women typically are depicted as lithe and sexy, men as strong and muscular.
            The fact you automatically think it somehow relates to ‘masturbation fantasies’ is rather narrow minded.

  9. I recently bought into Warmachine, and chose the Khador Faction, and was pretty pleased to find that most of the female members of the faction are decently clad, and normally the commander figures in the units. It’s certainly less awkward introducing your miniature wargaming hobby to a girlfriend when the female figures are all fully clothed.

    1. Good thing you didn’t go Cryx then. 

      You are missing out on knocking down models with your Great Rack though.

  10. Very excited about this!  As a female gamer, I get very, very tired of miniatures with ridiculous proportions and poorly sculpted faces.  I love these minis…I may finally have a miniature I’m not ashamed to put on a tabletop to represent my characters! 

    1. Thank you Wendy! I think that most of these people that are posting about huge boob, etc. have probably never picked up a miniature in their lives. These models are beautifully sculpted and designed. They are gun wielding athletes, not gun wielding strippers.

  11. How about some women warriors with some practical armor?

    Still, it’s a start I guess.  And I see at least one Space Marine (non-TM type) with her navel not exposed to chills and bullets.

    1. What are you talking about? How about you look at the entire line of models and not make blanket statements based on the 3 models shown in this article. There are 3 factions. The ones in the tattered clothes are “penitentiary contingents” i.e. criminal conscripts, hence the reason they have shabby clothes. The 2 other factions are full army and wear full body armor. In fact the Iron Empire faction is covered from head to toe, including a gas mask, so you don’t even see skin. 
      So how about you look before you make negative blanket statements.

      1. I don’t think it really matters what fiction they have to justify the tits being full of ‘personality’ and the exposed midriffs. Do I need to go any further than going to the page, scrolling down, and seeing tits, tits, and more tits?  A skintight chestplate is visually little different than none at all, and practically is worse than none at all (that center bit will kill you or at least break a few ribs if you ever get hit).

        1. You’re talking about practicality of armor? We’re talking about a science fiction miniature collection, not practicality. So you’re saying is that all you need is to look at 3 miniatures to make up your mind over 100+ miniatures. There is nothing sexual about that model with the huge machine gun, shaved head, and cigar. However, according to you, any 1 and half inch miniature with breasts is somehow offensive and sexist?!? I agree that there are miniatures out there that personify the stripper warrior, but these are not them. In order to appease you, all female models should have baggy uniforms and show no curbs. Essentially a male body with a female head. According to you this Iron Empire Heavy Trooper that shows NO skin is a prostitute with a gun.

          1.  That’s a fine model. Most of them are still right out of a comic book, and you’re using exactly the same justifications as the comic book manboys do.

          2. Dude, (or lady, whatever) it’s not a “justification” as you claim, it’s a FACT. Have you ever seen a woman in uniform? They are not meant to be flattering. You can’t tell it’s a woman some times. If your goal is to sell female models, you damn better make sure they look female. Have you even ever collected/played/painted 28 mm miniatures? Do you even know what you’re talking about? Look at this picture of an female Army sergeant. If you literally cover her face with your thumb, you can’t tell it’s a woman, but that’s the type of model that you’re advocating for.

          3.  ‘If you literally cover her face with your thumb, you can’t tell it’s a
            woman, but that’s the type of model that you’re advocating for.’

            Yes, I am. That’s a real soldier who happens to be a woman.

          4. Posting a picture of an actual woman and saying that she’s not recognizable as a woman while arguing that something isn’t sexist – priceless.

          5. “fap material”?!?!
             I don’t know what the hell you’re doing with these models, but I get my porn form the internet, like most adults. And if what you want are baggy clothed androgynous models, then I KNOW you don’t collect, paint, or play with 28 mm miniatures so you’re opinions or not only pointless, but worthless.
            Seriously you think someone would pay for a female soldier miniature that looks like a man. Take your “sexist conspiracies” else where. If you collected miniatures then, maybe I would listen to what you have to say.  

          6. Edit: Original pic is gone, and I can’t find the actual one used, but this is representative. Actual women.

            .. Also not sure how that krogan pic ended up being in there. That’s from a later post!

        2.  So the artists vision doesn’t matter? How you want to judge about something, without even caring for the reasons behind a design choice? As said earlier, there are at least three reasons for the boob armor on some (not all) figures. Aesthetics, making them distinguishable from male figures, background. Of course you can ignore that but how should I take you serious, if you reduce all the character to boobs and bare middriffs and ignore all the other aspects and even reasons behind the design choices? That’s just superficial.

          I can’t see fap material here. That would be porn and that doesn’t even count for the only figure with much skin, because even she still has her boobs and other parts covert. And on top of it, it’s a zombie with diver helmet and only one arm. Maybe Raging Heroes did this character just to make fun of the people, that see something that isn’t even there.

          Thinking of comic book I feel reminded of Powergirl, Wonder Woman (without pants), Catwoman and alike. So Mass Effect EDI instead of Eve. We have woman with more skin here and others. As said, that’s called diversity, this is a good think, not a bad one.

          I am criticizing breast bulges and bare middriffs often. It really makes less or no sense when we don’t talk about figures that are smaller than my thumb. I lke my FemSheps on the desks but I still ask myself if she wouldn’t look even better without da boobies. And at the same height as the Toughest Girls of the Galaxies, I don’t understand why the Infinity girls so often get some kind of bare middriffs, because they’re not bound to a faction but it just happens everywhere, without any reason beside sexy. But this is a different case.

          1. If all the characters have boobs and emphasized midriffs, it doesn’t matter what the reasons for the design choices are, nor what other aspects the designs have.  It’s still telling women “the important things all women have in common are teh Sexy Sex Bitz, and showing them is only thing that makes women sexy”. 

            Brilliant artistic work elsewhere (and these figures have lots of brilliant artistic work) doesn’t undo that message; only ceasing to send that message will undo that message.

          2. All characters have boobs, because they’re females. But they’re not all having the same boobs or armor and as said, there is only 1 faction that emphasizes bare midriffs. Reasons are always important and this time they’re even given and not only that, there is a whole range for 150 woman and they’re not the same.

          3. All characters have boobs, because they’re females.

            Do you know any live women? They don’t all have D cups. If they’re extremely athletic (as one might expect in an action figure) and have low body fat, chances are that they don’t have much breast tissue at all.

    2.  So just to give a positive example, this is the best female character I’ve seen in gaming for at least a year. Eve from Mass Effect 3, which also had plenty of the other kind.

  12. @Tynam:disqus
    So I don’t find the reply, I do it that way.
    Zerga is a 28mm high female in a sci-fi universe. The little breast bulges just help identifying her because she has not an hourglass body (and in that case someone would complain she’s not fat), no hair and looking at a face from above isn’t that easy either. Breast Bulges are just an aspect, not the whole figure and no, they’re not stupid. You just rant about one aspect, that you want to be stupid, carrying way to much for something so unimportant.

    Yes I seriously arguing that Blondie isn’t wearing chinmail bikini because.. yeah, it’s not even bikini and no armor either. You don’t like her? Well, switch to the other snipers, there are plenty. As said, there is something called diversity. Blondie is one of many. As said, the Jailbirds resemble this and that and so on and yeah, males were often represented without proper protection. Hell even in reality males often don’t wear proper armor, not even clothes in some cultures and some parts in the world.

    Sexism is what you do. Reducing a whole range of females on small aspects and deny the variety.
    Saying get over it means, you should get over it, that there is variety and not cooptation you want, completely ignoring all reasons and aspects. There is only “Oh my god, 1/3 of the woman show a little bit more skin and 2/3 have breast bulges! I don’t care what else there is, or what reasons are behind it, I am right and this is sexist!”.

    Btw. I did not say that there are no XY soldiers, I pointed on sports and therefor just said, that they are a minority and it makes sense to have mostly athletic people. A-cup as said, I didn’t ask and didn’t count how many have an A-Cup under the cloth and armor and already said, that it’s completly normal in Tabletop to have most figures at the same height. They’re not able to produce an individual product, that doesn’t hurt the exaggerated feelings of a radical minority.

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