Hubsan X4 quadcopters: tiny cheap, powerful copter

The Hubsan X4 quadcopter is a tiny, cheap copter with enough power to do flips, enough smarts to stay level and pointing right, and enough tough to drop from 50 foot onto grass without damage. It flies for ten minutes or so and recharges from USB. The separately available spares package include copious spare blades, a spare shell and a spare battery.

It's cheap (under £30), includes a remote control and is an absolute blast to fly. It can handle quite a fresh wind and is fast enough that it's best fun outdoors, though it appears that people more skilled than I can also fly it indoors. Without hitting things.

BTW, important hint: connect the power when the copter is on a level surface. If you don't, it's impossible to fly.

Hubsan X4 H107 R/C Micro Quad Copter 2.4GHZ [Amazon UK]

The Hubsan X4 H107 Quadcopter Crash Pack [Amazon UK]

Hubsan X4 H107 R/C Micro Quad Copter 2.4GHZ [Amazon US]

The Hubsan X4 H107 Quadcopter Crash Pack [Amazon US]


    1.  No, it’s a recommendation.

      I was with Ben this weekend and saw him playing with these. They were cool. I asked him to write down a description of what he liked about them so we could publish it.

    1. Your Hellfire missiles would have to be the size of toothpicks. I’m sure the Chinese toy industry is working on that one.

  1. This looks awesome! I have tried this one and it seems to be just a little bit inferior to this one – the Syma is quite difficult to fly, it doesn’t have any automatic stabilization, so it takes a lot of practice to keep it level and steer it around. This could be seen as a good thing, if you’re practicing to fly larger models that you’ll build yourself. However, I am very tempted to get this one, as a training model for the stupendously great-looking dji phantom – (700 bucks)

    Also, I think the payload of this tiny quadcopter could be sufficient to carry at least one ROBOROACH :)

  2. Would you please explain more about this comment:  BTW, important hint: connect the power when the copter is on a level surface. If you don’t, it’s impossible to fly.

    1. It sounds like the auto-balance requires a level surface when turned on to determine what it should balance to.  If not, it will probably balance to whatever angle it was set up at turn on.

    2. Hello,  From Joe The Quad Flyer ,  Directsource4u

      There seems to be a lot of customers that need some points and tips in flying these little monsters and resetting the hubsan x4 mini quad copter after a crash.1. The first main factor is to Read the Instruction Manual before flying as you will get to know how to fly and set the settings in order to fly with fun !2.  Charge the lithium battery via the USB charging cable, when the battery is fully charged the red led on the usb cable will switch off, indicating that the lithium battery is fully charged.3. Now for the fun !  Switch on the Radio Controller , then insert battery into Hubsan X4 , make sure that it is on a level surface and connect the battery,

      You will hear a Beep indicating that the x4 and the radio transmitter are binding together, the red led on the radio transmitter will flash, also on the x4 the blue led’s will flash.

      When the red / blue led lights are fully on it is ready to fly.

      But what you need to do before you fly is to reset the FCB.

      You will need to reset on either settings normal or expert mode

      Left Stick fully down – move slightly to diagonal left or right, and hold  – LCD on the radio controller should be on 0

      Right stick fully down – now move stick fast to diagonal left and right, until you see the blue eye led lights blink on the x4 – Reset Done !

      All this must be done on a flat surface ! also do this reset after a crash or if the motor stops working.

      Now lets fly with Ease , normal mode settings are standard when switching on the radio controller and x4 – for indoor steady use, and for the beginner but with limited control !

      Note : Your Hubsan X4 Should Hover in a stable position ! even when not using the right control stick ! 

      Lets take off, hmm it drifts to the side ( left or right ) , It drifts forwards or backwards. hmm.. what do I do… You need to set the Trim Settings – How, what are they you ask , Trim by the little buttons on the radio controller on the right stick side only !

      you have four small buttons on the right side of the radio controller – Buttons on the side of the stick are for forward and backwards trim settings – buttons below the stick are for setting the left / right trim settings.

      okay it drifts to the left – push the right button below the stick , you will hear a beep, depending on how much your copter drifts, you will need to continue the process until you reach a steady centre hover.

      Same process apply’s if drifts to right

      If drifts forward or backwards –  use the buttons on the side of the stick, ie , forward drift , then push the down button.

      the main factor in trim settings is to reach a centre hover , then only you will experience a fun factor flight ! 

      You can trim the settings in flight if experienced or if novice on a flat surface each time to gain the main factor

      Note : Your Hubsan X4 Should Hover in a stable position ! even when not using the right control stick !

      But the best thing is you can set the control sensitivity settings, ( My settings are on 100%  in normal and expert mode, pure fun, very fast and a faster control response) – factory settings are – Normal 50% – Expert 80%

      If requested, as by 30% of our customers, we can do all this for you ! at no Extra Cost, now that’s a service ….

      Also Version 1 –  Edition 3 –  Faster , Stable , Better flips, Fun Factor 200%

  3. I have already designed and 3-D printed guided missiles for the Hubsan Quadcopter. They are powered by ordinary household bleach and have the explosive power of North Korean KIS (Kim-il-sung) 242 hand grenades.

    All you do is enter a militant’s coordinates with a Garmin GPS X-89 running in tandem with two Raspberry-pi/Arduino 11W450s and then reset the quadcopter’s automatic homing beacon pixilator (sold separately) and off it goes.

    The resulting explosion can destroy a donkey cart and any mujahedeen within 6 meters and the missiles are preprogrammed to embed themselves undetected in insurgents’ turbans, to be exploded by remote control when the presence of six or fewer other militants in the immediate vicinity is detected.

    My offer of 2,000 cases of ten X-90s (the missile’s designation) each to the Pentagon has been declined, so they are now on the open market. I take Western Union, MoneyGram and DestrukTor Bank pre-stamped cheques, with one case  at the low retail price of 45,000 DPRK Won. Multi-case discounts available with coupon code FAILSAFE.

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