Software-authored book of conversation-starters


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  1. Everything old is new again, I guess. Thirty years ago, there was a surreal computer generated book called The Policeman’s Beard is Half Constructed, although there were debates on how much of the generated text was cleaned up by humans.

    • janusnode says:

      Indeed: I bought that book thirty years ago (and still own it) and that was one of the inspirations for working on automatic text generation: first with McPoet (now long-obsolete, v. 1.0 released in about 1989) and then its descendent JanusNode. I loved Racter, but JanusNode is much better than it ever was. Old things do sometimes get improved. Cheers- JanusNode

  2. Tim Drage says:

    Been using JanusNode since the McPoet days, great to see it get some boingboing coverage. :) Great software!

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