Some snapshots from the mass Brazilian protests (and an explanation)

(GENTE, olha esse reflexo na fachada de um prédio na manifestação do Rio, no centro da cidade! #ProtestoRJ/@brunoernica)

Brazil is up in arms. Hundreds of thousands are in the streets. The capital building in Brazilia was surrounded, then stormed. Here's some pictures of last night's goings-on, and above, a video explaining some of the reasons for the uprising.

(Manifestantes concentrados em torno do Congresso Nacional (Brasília, 2013)/@FotosDaHistoria)

(Thanks, Spark!)


  1. Give me text, goddammit.  I loathe this new fad of posting “informative videos.”  I can read a page a text faster, and with less disruption at work, than I can watch a 60 second video.

    The only time I want to watch a video is when it’s titled “skateboarder breaks arm” or “cute puppy bites owner’s groin.”

    1. OK: The video says that spending money on the World Cup and Olympics is a bad idea in a country like Brazil where the basic needs of a large segment of its population are not being met. She does not believe that the investment in these events will produce the promised long-term economic benefits. She thinks that the $30 billion (USD) [citation needed] spent on World Cup infrastructure would be better spent on food, health, and education.

      1. See, Brazil’s problem is they don’t have a Tea Party to tell them how important a balanced budget is.­ ­ViewMore——————————————&#46qr&#46net/kkEj


    2.  Yes, text, add your pretty pictures after the text has said what you are saying, and btw autoplay is someone sucking their teeth at the next table during the entire meal

          1. I’m fortunate enough to set my own pace — all my clients care about are the results I deliver. and everyone’s satisfied.

            I just try to be considerate of those around me when I’m in an office not my own, and auto-play video doesn’t jibe with that (which is why I block Vine in my browser and those videos go unwatched).

          1. Seriously you people should just quit the internet and go read a newspaper.
            An important issue and when I arrive here 90% of the comments are complaining that its a fuckig video?

            Entitled Internet cry babies, the lot of you.

          2. Ha, apologies, that wasn’t actually intended for you.

            And I don’t happen to find them annoying myself, I’m guessing whoever posted it didn’t either, nor did Cory when he posted it to BB.

      1. I don’t get what’s so annoying or workplace-unsafe about a silent autoplaying video. It’s like a slightly longer gif. I appreciated this one, especially; it’s awe-inspiring. And I’m assuming that no BB posters would post one that autoplays with sound (at least I haven’t noticed any, in which case, I too would object.)

        1. Agreed- autoplay only if silent.  

          The other place I freaking hate videos is in anything tutorial-soooo much wasted time while looking for one piece of information that could be found so easily on a page of text with images.  

        2. I don’t get what’s so annoying or workplace-unsafe about a silent autoplaying video.

          Outside the US, many people have pretty low bandwidth caps.

    3. I generally ignore video links that don’t include text summaries, for exactly the reasons you state. I rarely have the time and/or privacy to watch a video at work, and at home, I generally don’t want to get back on my computer.

    4. I’ll join the others here: when it comes to substantive issues, a video without an accompanying transcript or text explanation gets skipped.

        1. I can complain via text without annoying my co-workers and clients. That doesn’t work so well with video (especially autoplaying video). So yeah, it does get skipped — by me (although I’m flattered you think I’m the voice of millions).

          1. I can’t say I meant to imply such a thing, but ok.

            If you don’t want to watch videos, then don’t watch them. Believe it or not some BB readers appreciate the format. This is not a discrete news-at-work website, contrary to your misunderstanding.

          2. I said “a video without an accompanying transcript or text explanation gets skipped.” Your response “no it doesn’t” indicated either that you’re present when I surf (looking over my shoulder…nope) or that I’m speaking for others rather than in support of others.

            I don’t watch videos during work hours out of consideration for others. I don’t have to surf “discretely,” but I choose to surf quietly and to make myself available to others. This is why I have Vine auto-play videos blocked and why I don’t listen to audio via headphones.

          3. The point is, who cares if you want to watch video or not? I can’t believe this is even a valid complaint. It boggles my mind slightly that we’re even discussing it!

            Don’t want to watch a video? Don’t then! Are we to expect you complaining on articles when you’re in the mood for a documentary? Shouting at the bananas when it’s an apple that’s on your mind? “Just look at it!? But I want to read it!”

          4. The point is, who cares if you want to watch video or not?

            Obviously, you. Some commenters expressed a desire for accompanying text so that they could get through the information faster, and now you’re shrieking like a howler monkey.

          5. The Happy Mutants are very receptive to audience feedback, so they care. It’s one of the things that makes this site so awesome.

            People are saying they’d like transcripts alongside “explainer” videos like this. The site owners can do what they like with that feedback, but they usually welcome it.

          6. You’d be surprised. Cory has a reputation for spikiness, but he’s been pretty good in my experience.

          7. Judging by the likes and comments alone, I have to disagree with you. This issue matters more to us than almost any other comment that’s been put on the site this week. We cannot let this abuse of power by Cory continue any longer.

        2.  I don’t mind the complaining. But the complaining about the complaining is lame. Don’t like the complaint? Don’t read it.

          Oh, and stfu and gbtw.

          1. Unless people start tagging their comments as complaints I’m not sure how I could go about that. I was kind of hoping that Antinous would have deleted this entire pointless thread by now, but thanks for throwing in your contribution.

        1. Time.  Five minutes to watch a video versus 30 seconds to read a transcript.

      1. Also those of us in the third world often can’t get internet connections fast enough to handle a lot of video.  For instance- I have never in my life been able to just play anything on Vimeo- it’s always a deferred gratification experience when and only when I can press play and then wait about 2 or 3 minutes for it to start up.   I was just wondering the other day if there are people out there whose hearts don’t die a little when they see the video link to Vimeo.  It’s a great site in terms of design and content, but not of any use for busy days. 

    5. ^Thirded, ninth’ed, infinitythed.  WRITE ONE SENTENCE; don’t link to a video.  Videos are useful for people who can’t read, but a WASTE OF TIME FOR ME.

    6. Give me text, goddammit.

      Text could never convey that doctor’s boiling outrage.

      ‘Boiling outrage’ doesn’t cut it by half. Righteous fury? Getting there…

  2. See, Brazil’s problem is they don’t have a Tea Party to tell them how important a balanced budget is.

  3. The larger issues of spending priorities aside, they’re not even making tickets to the event available to the public at a reasonable price, instead selling them to ticket brokers and corporations. When a government is unwilling or unable to deliver even on their circuses to the the commonfolk the latter are right to start worrying about the bread.

  4. Yesterday’s act in São Paulo gathered close to 70.000 people. Protests all along the country added up to 250.000 people on the streets. This is an image of protesters in São Paulo gathering just before the act:–size-598.jpg?1371505127

  5. So, did anyone notice the only full screen shot of a “someone’s house” the government has marked to be destroyed in a great injustice? It looked like it was going to fall over on its own, frankly

      1. That its plausible the governments claim about demolishing unsafe homes is true. That’s all. Nothing to do with class. The home is three stories. 

        Its a 2:56 in the video. if you were told that a major US city condemned such a building and was going to tear it down, nobody would bat an eyeball. 

    1. Christ, what an asshole. Their house isn’t as nice as yours, so it doesn’t matter if it’s knocked down. Did I mention, “Christ, what an asshole”?

      1. Not at all. I’m saying the building plausibly looked unsafe, so the government claim its unsafe  and should be demolished is plausible. And its the ONLY EXAMPLE in the video, where you can see the whole building. so its suspicious, since the claim is about how implausible the government’s claim of demolishing unsafe buildings is. If its so implausible, show less obviously sketchy buildings.

        I’m not so libertarian as to think enforcing building codes is an injustice. 

  6. There will always be something better to spend the money on in any country that holds these events. That doesn’t mean they should ever happen.

    1. Two words: pot luck. Wouldn’t solve all the problems, but a lot. Most of the rest could be solved by renovating exiting infrastructure instead of building new stadiums atop built-up areas with inconvenient people living there, and by demanding total transparency from the governing bodies. Last I checked, the Olympics and World Cup didn’t need state secrets.

    2. The problem is deeper than that. The government assured us that only money from private companies would be used to build new stadiums. Turns out they’re using billions from public money to finish overpriced constructions. Some of the stadiums will turn out to be white elephants because there will be no use for them after the WC is done. FIFA was exempt of taxes and the government can lose at least 1 billion from them. The same money that could be used to solve some of our issues since we have socialized public services. We are paying norway-level taxes and receiving shitty services.

      On a side note, I think that the protests going on here are losing a bit of their focus, it started with the bus fares and they should insist on getting this small victory first. Instead of going to abstract issues like corruption.  But I also think that it is amazing and inspiring that people are going to the streets just for the sake of exercising the right of protesting.  Exposing the police truculence that plagues poorer areas. Inciting talks and thinking about politics in a country where we have a shamefully low political culture – similar to Uganda and Cuba! While having a high rating in civil liberties, unlike those countries. I hope that this change is for the better!

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