What happened to David Mery, the techy who was arrested as a terrorist in a London tube station because of his coat


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  1. knoxblox says:

     “…my police national computer record was deleted as well as my fingerprints and DNA…”

    I am dumbfounded.

  2. Brainspore says:

    Just imagine if he’d had brown skin or a copy of the Koran.

  3. nachoproblem says:

    Warning: attempting to understand what he was wearing or doing that got him arrested may cause neurological injury. If you start to experience bleeding from the nose and ears, proceed immediately to YouTube and watch cat videos.

    • s2redux says:

      Think how much worse it would have been had they found the Zero History ugly T-shirt he was wearing beneath the coat.

  4. brandonmwest says:
  5. timbearcub says:

    I think it’s hard for people who weren’t there in London in 2005 to understand the scary paranoia after 7/7. Police with body armour & machine guns and an unspoken fatwa against backpacks (I travelled on the Tube at the time with my massive army pack….I got suspicious evils like you’d never believe. David Mery was lucky to not be shot, like Charles De Menenez. It was a total shift from usual terrorist reaction, one that suspected everyone.

    • kraut says:

      I was in London in 2005, and I remember the paranoia well.

      I was also in London in the 90s, when the UK faced far better organised, resourced and dangerous terrorists.  Much less paranoia, much more stiff upper lip. 

      And, oh look, they managed to get through it without snooping on everyone’s phone calls and emails. Not that most people HAD email, of course.

      • chgoliz says:

        I was nearly blown up twice in one day by IRA bombs in 1983.  At the second site, people just chatted about things while waiting for the bomb squad to finish their work.  Stiff upper lip, indeed.

      • phuzz says:

        London can take it’s self a bit too seriously sometimes, the attacks in Glasgow near the same time ended with the police having to protect the terrorist from the public.

    • Gulliver says:

      It was a total shift from usual terrorist reaction, one that suspected everyone.

      Which is the perfect cover for any actual terrorist.

    • Funnily enough this doesn’t correlate with my experience.

      People were twitchy… for like a week. After that it was all the media and government bodies, whilst everyone else had moved on with their lives.

      9/11 on the other hand is a real odd-ball case. From what I gather some people are still finding it ‘too soon’ and have maybe almost got past the grieving stage (almost). Propaganda will do that to a person, I guess.

      • Antinous / Moderator says:

        The thing about 9/11 is that it was literally visible to some millions of people who might reasonably have believed that the whole city was on the verge of being destroyed.

  6. Amor DeCosmos says:

    See?  As long as you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear from a police surveillance state.  It’s not like the police are going to take honest citizens off the street, just the guilty ones.  All of us honest citizens will be much safer because the police know what terrorists look like.

  7. eksrae says:

    I didn’t know that Stanley Myron Handelman was a terrorist.

  8. Capital_7 says:

    These cops…more stupid than cops usually are, or just as stupid?

    • Tynam says:

      Worse… not stupid at all, but following stupid rules and assumptions which have been trained into them. It’s systemic stupidity that doesn’t depend on any individual component of the system.

    • The problem is the system they are embedded in. Everybody has their little job to do but one important assumption is that they are there to Do Stuff and the job wouldn’t have been passed to them if there was no stuff to do. In the case of Charles De Menenez the case had been passed to a specialist armed team which created an implicit assumption that something needed to be shot.

  9. L_Mariachi says:

    Wait, public nuisance carries a potential life sentence?!

    If that were the case here, half the city would be in San Quentin.

    • Luther Blissett says:

      Public Nuisance (which can still carry a life sentence).

      Whoot? I mean, WHUT?


      Pls specify. It’s not as such somebody running naked around Trafalgar Sq. because he lost a bet would rot in the tower until doomsday. It is known.

  10. miasm says:

    I missed this when it happened and feel pretty relieved for this guy.
    He’s lucky armed police didn’t empty a full clip into his head, pause to reload and then continue to shoot him in the face.

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