Photodocumentary: the electrification of Los Angeles


4 Responses to “Photodocumentary: the electrification of Los Angeles”

  1. jaytkay says:

    Photo number three – Worst. Chippendales. Audition. Ever.

  2. red flight says:

    NOT ConEd.  You mean Southern California Edison.

  3. Barbara Dace says:

    My favorite example of an LA animated sign was the old Helms Bakery sign (which I could watch from my bedroom window as a kid).  It would gradually spell out “Helms….OLYMPIC….Bread”, then an animated skyrocket would arch over and explode over the circular seal.  Impressive! Here’s the un-animated current version (btw, a new version of the Helms Bakery is scheduled to open in Fall 2013!):

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