Hyperlapse video from the PoV of a Tokyo automated train


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  1. Miramon says:

    It’s kind of cool, but I wish it hadn’t suffered so much post-processing. The mirroring  detracts from the effect, IMO. I’d rather see just the time-lapse video without the special effects. 

  2. Stewart Berntson says:

    The mirroring reminds me of the CG from Hackers.

  3. BradBell says:

    This is a meme, isn’t it? I remember these ones best:

    But there are others:
    Location unknown

    Mind you, Hyperdrive Yurikomome is exceptional. 

  4. vonbobo says:

    I would also watch the raw footage, but the mirror (sometimes vertical) gives a wonderful artistic look worth its own.

    • teapot says:

      Ya… this.

      The thing that makes this so unusual and original is that he periodically switches the mirroring from horizontal to vertical.

      I’ve ridden that train and IMO this is much more exiting than the raw time lapse would have been. Love the glitchy, videogamey feel.

  5. Aleks Palatnik says:

    Start this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nfph4F_dzFE) at 0:27. I think it’s a case of data searching rather than actually lining up, but it seems to work weirdly well.

  6. jimkirk says:

    My god, it’s full of stars!

  7. haineux says:

    No! It’s the replacement for the long boring part in the middle of Solyaris. 

  8. Jake0748 says:

    So they have automated trains over there?  Nobody’s driving?  Hmm… not sure if it’s scary or not.  

    • teapot says:


      It’s more like an elevated bus-meets-tram thing than a proper train. It services large venues/tourist areas around Tokyo’s waterfront and is marginally more expensive than other lines which means it’s not very busy in comparison. Its not scary – the Japanese are freaking amazing engineers.

      It also kind of fun if you’ve taken it to a secret rave on the waterfront and then get to ride it home in the morning when you’re still in outer space!

    • Symbiote says:

      There are automated actual trains, the one I know best is the Docklands Light Railway in east London.

      It’s not 100% automatic; the guard (or “passenger safety official”, or whatever) has to press a button to close the doors.  They don’t sit at the front of the train.

      (Notice from the “Accidents” section that both incidents occurred under manual override.  I don’t think they regularly use the manual mode any more. People make mistakes, but people will have tried hard to prove they’ve not made any mistakes in the signalling system.)

  9. HansBKK says:

    Reddit thread to discuss the use of “Gibsonian” to describe this video.


    • SamSam says:

      You could have just asked here?

      Your thread doesn’t even make sense without the context, because link you provided doesn’t call it “Gibsonian.”

      But yes, I would agree that Cory is calling it Gibsonian because it seems similar to how we might imagine travelling in the Metaverse.

  10. daemonsquire says:

    Amp up the ambition! Someone needs to get all Gondry on this and generate a sequel/update to Star Guitar.

  11. justaddh3o says:

    Japanese Koyaanisqatsi

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