Bigfoot by K-tel

The reason you really know this was a seventies TV commercial? Children playing outside.


  1. “Make up your own games.” 

    Seriously, how many games could you really make up in conjunction with these? I’m thinking maybe three:
    “Look, I’ve Made a Large Footprint”
    “Look, I’ve Made Another Large Footprint”
    “Hit Your Brother in the Head With the Big Foot”

    1. Howard the Duck Cosplay?
      If all the kids had them – a rousing game of duck, duck, grey duck.
      Jay Leno or perhaps Bart Simpson mask.
      Half-arsed Moose horns.
      Pull them out the next time that that ol’ spankin’ machine is fired up.
      Bigfoot massage.
      Giant fake pubes – or – giant fig leaf.

  2. Weren’t these really marketed to parents as a way to get the children out of the house in bad weather?

    1. As a Canadian citizen, I’m legally obligated by federal statute to say, “Pshaw, THAT isn’t bad weather.”

      /No really, you can look it up.

    2. I’m not sure that, as a kid, I even acknowledged the concept of “bad weather”. 

  3. The reason you really know this was a seventies TV commercial? Children playing outside.

    In measurable amounts of snow. 

    1. Those were birch trees (as, a tree that likes to live north of the 45th parallel).  I’d guess this commercial was filmed in November before the real snow came.

  4. These are toys? I thought they were survival tools. You see, as a child of the eighties, I assumed those out-of-the-house children must be fighting for their lives. I’ll alert my cohort — perhaps these large feet will be awarded to us as a trophy for our mere participation in something.

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