Kenny Chesney concertgoers trash Pittsburgh

"Cleanup crews continued to work Monday to remove the mounds of trash left behind by Kenny Chesney concert tailgaters. North Shore parking lots and the area around the concert venue, Heinz Field, were covered with litter and broken furniture."You're looking at probably 50-to-60,000 pounds of trash," said Leroy Stotler, owner of Three Rivers Power Sweep." [NBC. Thanks, Heather!]


  1. I am shocked, SHOCKED, that a Kenny Chesney fan could be so rude! I am burning all my %Kenny Chesney% tapes as we speak.

    1. I just listened to 30 seconds of his music, and I’m pretty sure that having to hear it is a valid legal defense for rioting.

  2. All I know is that he’s wearing a cowboy hat and apparently hates shoes.  At least that’s all I got from 10 seconds on Google. 

  3. I Have been to 50-100 concerts in my life, and I never once brought a sofa. But for real I have no idea if 50-60,000 lbs is a lot. I assume Heinz field probably holds 45-60,000 for a concert, so that about  one and a half pounds per person max. Of course in my day when we attended a concert, we were all well behaved and cleaned up after ourselves, because we appreciated what we had. Just kidding this was the late 70’s and mostly we tore the places apart.

    1. Heinz Field holds just over 65k for Stillers games; more for a concert w/ ground seating, I imagine.

  4. Isn’t the cleanup part of what the attendees paid for with the ticket-seller’s 30% service charges?

    1. WTF does that matter? If you buy a ticket for a museum or the symphony, it’s not a ticket to barf, shit, and lay waste to the venue.

        1.  I also disagree..acts pay the city a huge entertainment tax charge to cover for police, emt, and clean up. it’s all built into the contract to rent the venue. I have worked in the entertainment industry my entire life and I’m in my 50’s. They also have to pay for the huge insurance policy to cover any injuries.

          1. The city hosts hundreds of concerts each year and this is the ONLY one that invariably leaves the venue looking like Katrina hit it.

          2.  Unfortunately those charges don’t always cover what the taxpayers have to pay to clean up after the mess. There’s a lot of corruption often involved in these huge “events”.

  5. “You’re looking at probably 50-to-60,000 pounds of trash,” 

    I think it’s really unfortunate and classist to refer to 200 or so Kenny Chesney fans as trash.

  6. Minor point: this is the fifth year in a row, at least, that it’s been like this, according to the article. It sounds like redneck Woodstock. (That event was similarly filthy and trashed-out, if you’ve ever seen pics of the aftermath.) 

    1. Woodstock was held from August 15 to August 18, 1969. So these people(chesney concert attendee’s) trashed this place in about 12 hours. There were also over 100,000 people at Woodstock compared to 50,000( according to those who estimate these things) at the Chesney concert.

      1. Realistically, a high number of the tailgaters, don’t even have tickets to the concert.  They go and hang out because tailgating for Kenny is a big deal in Pittsburgh.  So big, that your 12 hour mark is way off for some people as well, considering, People not only camped out in tents starting the Friday beforehand, but boats started docking on the river even the Thursday before the concert.  

        1. Sadly it sounds as if you are making excuses for these filthy slobs. The bottom line is, thereis no excuse for this. The Chesny concert, for the last 5 years, has been atrocious. It is the only concert/event that has this distinction. And with the 73 arrested, it ranks up there with even the worst of genre’s. Thats not counting the more than 100 who had to be taken to the hospital. So defend this action if you must, it merely solidifies your place as one who would do the same thing, swim with the garbage.

  7. How does this compare to others that have played the stadium?   Do Stones fans produce more or less litter?   Paraphrasing Edward Tufte, comparisons are your friend.

      1. That’s rather fetching, but it’s not telling.  Even Detroit looks nice from the other side of the river.  

  8. Far, far less. No other act or event in the city (save, perhaps, the infamous G20 in 2009) creates such a mess, and this has become an annual event since 2005. Burghers MUCH prefer hosting Anthrocon; the Furries are good people.

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