Credible Hulk tee

For a mere $16, you can own this "CREDIBLE HULK ALWAYS CITES HIS SOURCES" tee. Goes well with the (as-yet-nonexistent) [CITATION NEEDED] shoelaces.

The Credible Hulk Always Cites His Sources : Reasonist Products (via Tor Teen Tumblr)


  1. Always cites his sources

    Ironically, floating around on Tumblr, where you can go down the rabbit hole tracking who the image was reposted and re-reposted and re-re-reposted from, but good luck finding out who the picture’s original author was.

  2. Oh man, that issue where he gets sternly admonished by Conan the Librarian?  Best “shush” ever.

  3. omg – i used to call him that back when i was a kid….   then again, i also called refrigerators frehigerators back then…

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