Motorized handheld stabilizer for GoPro video cameras

[Video Link] Christine Reilly and Michael Boczon designed this motorized handheld stabilizer for GoPro, called the STABiLGO. It looks good!

At just 1.5lbs, with a GoPro attached, the design minimizes weight making it ideal for action cinematography. A high-speed processor and state of the art gyroscopic sensor work in tandem to keep the camera both perfectly horizontal and vertical. STABiLGO allows you to film action sports as well as get that all-impressive crane shot. Produce more usable, cinematic footage. And most important, achieve it with a portable, handheld device.

You can get an early production unit of the STABiLGO for $550 as part of their KickStarter campaign.

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  1. It does a good job of keeping the image upright. The horizontal stability is not so great – the image has a lot of horizontal shakiness. It could use a high speed horizontal stabilizer.

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  2. Pretty nifty! I’d like to seem them try to do a steady-cam style shot intentionally. It looks like it might be suffering from some high-frequency feedback noise.

  3. Cool.

    Also, props to the dude for not dismounting his bike where the sign said. Bike Ⓐ!

    And WTF? Discus is back?

  4. The guy is a menace. Riding in a pedestrian zone, distracted, one handed, no helmet (nobody’s business but his own – but it does perhaps point to an arrogant “what could possibly go wrong” attitude.).

    I wouldn’t support him on that basis, but that’s just me. To judge or not judge is  our own business.

    1. Concern troll much?

      He biked significantly slower than all the other bikers in a very wide, pretty empty, separated bike road. He rode a total of about 8 seconds in a completely empty pedestrian area. And his lack of helmet is no concern of yours, especially when one rides so slowly in a safe no-car area.

  5. Gyros are all the rage. MōVI kicked this off at the National Association of Broadcasters this spring.
    MōVI runs from about $7k – $15k.  It’s like the big brother version of this GoPro stabiliser. I’m not sure which component has made it worth developing, but a lot of people are working on versions and prices are dropping fast. Just wait until the Chinese get ahold of the idea. Exciting news for filmmakers. 

    1. That was a super awkward Kickstarter video, those guys looked like they stepped off the set of Battlefield Earth.

      What they are offering looks like this unit with a handle, 

      You could make one of these in a day and have one running next week rather than wait for 6 months+ for about the same cost or less :)

      I definitely like the concept though. A waterproof solution would be ideal.

      I’m currently looking at these guys for a pro solution that will be within budget of my next productions:

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