Cool foldable worktable

The Centipede Sawhorse is a foldable worktable that looks like a great traditional sawhorse replacement. It's an indiegogo project.

The Centipede Sawhorse is a heavy duty job site work support system that will have you saying goodbye to traditional sawhorses altogether. This lightweight and compact work support system - the ultimate portable sawhorse or workbench/table base - sets up in just 3 seconds with no assembly. When the job is done, it folds down just as quickly into a compact unit that is easily carried and transported.

With many points of support, the Centipede can support an incredible amount of weight while keeping even the thinnest sheet material from sagging. The patented design of the Centipede features sturdy vertical posts constructed of welded steel tubing, flat steel cross beams and durable molded polymer feet and P-Tops that prevent damage to the board, saw blades or the Centipede.

The Centipede Sawhorse Work Support System