Cool foldable worktable

The Centipede Sawhorse is a foldable worktable that looks like a great traditional sawhorse replacement. It's an indiegogo project.

The Centipede Sawhorse is a heavy duty job site work support system that will have you saying goodbye to traditional sawhorses altogether. This lightweight and compact work support system - the ultimate portable sawhorse or workbench/table base - sets up in just 3 seconds with no assembly. When the job is done, it folds down just as quickly into a compact unit that is easily carried and transported.

With many points of support, the Centipede can support an incredible amount of weight while keeping even the thinnest sheet material from sagging. The patented design of the Centipede features sturdy vertical posts constructed of welded steel tubing, flat steel cross beams and durable molded polymer feet and P-Tops that prevent damage to the board, saw blades or the Centipede.

The Centipede Sawhorse Work Support System

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  1. Two sweet tools in one day! This looks really useful. Provided you don't let the photographer advise you about safety.

  2. As a former carpenter, this system looks fine for homeowners, as long as they never use it anywhere except the garage or driveway. It's dependent on having a flat ground surface to function correctly, so no contractor would touch it, unless perhaps they specialized in factory refits or some such, and always had concrete floors. Jobsites in general don't have any such flat areas, which is why folding sawhorses work well there.

  3. As a former art handler and framer this would be ideal for use during gallery installations. Any kind of handyman would also find it useful I would think. Spread it out and throw a sheet of plywood up there and your are ready to go. (Kind of elegant too.)

    In a gallery setting you never know what is coming your way and what tool you might need. Somewhere to put down a framed piece for a second to change the hardware or a work-surface to form a mount and do some light brazing. Flexibility is paramount.

  4. If you can imagine, where I worked we had a fleet of banquet tables and a pile of one foot lengths of PVC pipe to extend the legs so the surface was at a useful height for working. We still struggled to make a large flat surface. This wold make it simple.

  5. This product would be better if it were sustainable. Unfortunately, it's difficult to repair. When one of those fragile rods bends or breaks, or the plastic corner connectors break, the entire item has to be thrown out. Imagine trying to put this thing in a trash bag. A product's life cycle should be part of its design. Given that this folding table has a bad ending, it has a bad design. Mark, please consider this when promoting a product.

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