Timelapse of a year's worth of dance-training

Dance In a Year documents Karen's year-long dance training (see the accompanying and inspiring timelapse video). Basically, she danced all the time, wherever she was, until she got really, really good at it. She also applied the same technique to learning design, and landed a good job as a designer as well. She has lots of motivational and inspiring tips for getting good at something; step one is to be totally obsessed, which is great advice, but hard to pull off on demand.

Record videos of yourself dancing. I know, it's awkward, especially when you're just starting out. I can't stress this enough, though.

You'll see things in the videos you didn't catch in the mirror. You'll think you danced well, and then you'll watch it back and be mortified. Embrace those moments — that's when the learning happens. Where do you look stiff? What could you be moving more? Carefully watch videos of the pros. What are they doing differently?

Dance in a Year (via Kottke)