Robot-voice Obama explains the difference between his administration and Bush's

Here's an Xtranormal Obama explaining the difference between his NSA spying and Bush's NSA spying:

Another important difference between my administration and the Bush administration is that when the Bush administration secretly spied on you, the Bush administration could not point to a single judge willing to say their program was legal. We, on the other hand, can point to such a judge. I'm not going to tell you who this judge is, or why he or she thinks our program is legal. If I did that, it would, obviously be harder for me to convince you that the program is legal. Instead, I'm just going to tell you that we secretly found one judge who was willingly to secretly say that it was legal for us to collect all of your data....

President Obama Address NSA Surveillance Concerns (via Techdirt)

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  1. Texas, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, and Florida are all rushing through screwball legislation like abortion bans, usually in midnight sessions without press coverage or debate.

    All of this happened over the 4th of July, in a very coordinated national action, when nobody is paying attention.

    Almost certainly student voting will be banned as well, probably right before the 2014 election, so they can retain control of these states. Various proposals have been floated in these states to ban student voting, but now that the Voting Rights Act has been weakened it will be full speed ahead to disenfranchise voters.

    Private powers are moving fast in a tightly coordinated manner to seize control of specific states, no doubt with the goal of throwing the next presidential election. Private powers have formed a shadow government and highly organized national conspiracy.

    I have no doubt the flabby libertarians will continue to pout on the sidelines, but what about the whingey hipsters?

  2. Just curious. Is it your contention that the President, as head of the Executive branch, has no control over programs run by the Executive branch? Or that the accelerated prosecution of individuals under the Espionage Act specific to this administration, is also not under his control? Or that the secret legal interpretations generated by his legal representatives are written and implemented without his knowledge?

  3. I don't think that's the real question. I think it's "Why is he so much worse -- and so much more like a Republican -- than he promised he would be?"

    Your "real question" gives him a pass.

  4. Why shouldn't we "get [you] started on 3rd parties"? Is it because your arguments on that topic are even weaker?

    How far down the lesser-of-two-evils hole must we dig? What I don't get is how supposed adults can't be disappointed in some actions of people, but are also expected to ignore the other disappointing actions of those same people, in the name of being a supposed adult. At a certain point, supposed adults have the right to write other adults off as complete losses.

  5. Intellectual heft of a Happy Meal, relentless consumption of corporate slop. total lack of accomplishment, the Homer Simpson of politics.

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