Trump's courtroom antics come back to haunt him

U.S. District Court Judge Lewis Kaplan tossed Donald Trump's request for a new trial or reduced penalty in E. Jean Carroll's defamation case.

Trump's lawyers got a great big nope over their meritless stab in the dark attempt to get their client a do-over. Citing Trump's angry old man's performance in court as evidence of ongoing attacks against Carroll and that the court repeatedly has to ask him to stop, Judge Kaplan determined that the judgement stands. We can be sure Trump's folks will file every appeal and attempt every delay they can before Carroll is paid.

"The jury could have found that Mr. Trump wielded his position as arguably the most powerful and famous man in the world to broadcast his lies to millions of dedicated followers in an effort to destroy Ms. Carroll's credibility, to punish her for coming forward, and to deter other women from doing so as well," Kaplan wrote.

Trump's behavior in the courtroom, in full view of the jury, also proved many of Carroll's claims about him and his intentions, the judge wrote.

"Beyond his out-of-court statements disparaging Ms. Carroll during trial — many of which were introduced in evidence — the jury could have found that Mr. Trump's demeanor and conduct in the courtroom itself put his hatred and disdain on full display," Kaplan wrote.