Los Angeles' weirdest places

LA to Z is a fantastic site dedicated to "uncovering LA's secret treasures and elusive past, one letter at a time." Above: "I… is for LA's Nazi Compound."

This LA to Z post is devoted to the darker, more nefarious, side of LA's past. This excursion led me on a hike to the so-called Murphy Ranch, located in Rustic Canyon in the Pacific Palisades. Nestled amongst the hills is a hidden estate where Nazis sympathizers waited out for Hitler to come invade The United States. Here you'll enter into a bizarre world of derelict buildings and eerie staircases.
(Thanks, Matthew!)

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  1. I used to go up there quite a bit in my younger days. I have some photos from the early 80s of it pre-grafitti. I don't mind the graffiti so much it's just that some of them leave their empty paint cans around and that's not cool. Saw a talk about the Nazi connection which was interesting, I have some photos of that. I'll find em and post them.

  2. It even includes LA96C one of my long time favorite LA places. It's one of those places that makes history real. It also has amazing views of the city.

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