Doctor *&#%@! Who

Peter Capaldi, the fantastic Scottish actor most well-known as foul-mouthed political spindoctor Malcolm Tucker, is to be the new Doctor Who. Widely tipped for the role, Capaldi, at 55, is the same age as original doctor William Hartnell was in the very first season, half a century ago.

"It's so wonderful not to keep this secret any longer, but it's been so fantastic," he said after the news was revealed on a live BBC One show. The actor had been the bookmakers' favourite to take on the role, with betting on him becoming the next Doctor suspended on Friday. It is not the first time Capaldi has appeared on the show - he played Roman merchant Caecilius in 2008 Doctor Who adventure The Fires of Pompeii.

I can't wait for a YouTube cut of Malcolm's dialog dubbed over footage of his Doctor Who. UPDATE: Embedded above, the brilliant work of Pete Nottage, first off the blocks.

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  1. Demonstrates the futility of community - started topics on here; @mindysan33 started one yesterday about this that was totally ignored.

  2. Meh... it's all good. You didn't ignore it! wink

  3. Can we bring back John Simm now? Please? I mean, he was fine played off of Tennant. But this. This could be MAGNIFICENT. (And sort of terrifying.)

  4. Being a little tired of young, dishy Doctors, I'm rather pleased to have an older, potentially somewhat menacing one, instead.

    I hope he gives people withering looks from underneath his eyebrows a lot. It's no dropping the F bomb every other word, but it'll do.

  5. The doctor Confronts one of his oldest enemies:


    "FUCK OFF! You look like a heroin addicted fucking pedal bin that somone's fucking stabbed with a shitty plunger! Go wheel yourself into the fucking corner and ponder how shitty your fucking life must be if you were defeated multiple times by a small set of stairs, you giant pineapple-tin cunt. I'm not having with you."

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