'Crapa Pelada' (Bald Head), Quartetto Cetra, 1945: Gale's 'Italian Song' from 'Breaking Bad' S.3, 'Full Measure’

Quartetto Cetra

The Italian vocal quartet Quartetto Cetra performing "Crapa Pelada" ("Bald Head").

The 1945 recording appeared in the Breaking Bad episode "Full Measure" (Season 3's finale).

Now, who on that show has a bald head? Like Walter White himself, nothing the show's writers do is an accident; surely this particular song is not there without greater significance than to highlight Gale Boetticher's goofiness. That scene is below.

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  1. Incidentally, David Costabile (Gale B.) is going to have a role in AMC's new series, Low Winter Sun.

  2. Here's some info on this song: it's actually a traditional nursery rhyme in milanese dialect, turned into a song by Gorni Kramer (a popular italian composer and accordionist) and covered many times by many italian jazzmen (one for all, Lino Patruno in a stunning New Orleans traditional jazz style). The lyrics are simple but a little enigmatic: "Bald Head is cooking sweet rolls, but he doesn't' give any of it to his brothers; his brothers are cooking an omelette, but they don't give any of it to Bald Head." (in milanese dialect: "Crapa Pelada la fa i tortej, ghe ne da minga ai soj fradej; i soj fradej fan la frittada, ghe ne dan minga a Crapa Pelada").
    Is this a cautionary tale on greed? Or the beginning of a hatred between brothers? I can say for sure, there's some kind of rivalry between cooks, here.

  3. The song was released in 1945. The most (in)famous bald man in Italy was undoubtedly Mussolini. Who was killed in April 1945. Was this meant to be a taunting song?

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