Kinetic sand - cool weird material to play with

[Video Link] I want some!

Kinetic Sand

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  1. I'm glad it's gluten-free. I hate gluten in my sand.

  2. 98% sand... and 2% what? ...and are you sure that 2% doesn't have gluten in it?

    And yeah, I want some as well.

  3. What happens if I drop it on the floor in a spot that a few minutes ago a cat was sleeping and then a toddler dropped goldfish cracker crumbs there on top of the cat fur?

  4. Man. That music. Stupidly cheerful and ever so slightly wistful. Every ad in the world at the moment. Like eating icecream while contemplating 3rd world hunger. Makes me want to kill someone. Is this Gen Y's fault? I think it is. I'm pointing at you Gen Y. Explain yourselves!

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